Unit Editors & D22 Members Alert

By Ken Monzingo
D22 Forum Editor

embers: As announced, this is the final Contract Bridge Forum newspaper. From now on the Forum will be available online only at  contractbridgeforum.com District members will be notified via email with a link to the digital version, so be sure you have a current, correct email address with ACBL.
Here’s the way to get updated:
1. Go to www.acbl.org and log in to “MyACBL.”
2. Click on “Update My Contact Information.”
3. Scroll to “Email Address.”
4. Enter or update your email.
5. Click the SUBMIT button.

Unit Editors: Submit your monthly Unitscope and other reports the same as always, but the new deadline for the digital Forum will be the 9th of the month instead of the 5th. Also, please include a current mug shot of yourself so we can include it in your byline.
Since online has no space restrictions, also feel free to include photos of your unit’s activities and personalities. Make sure all photos submitted include an accompanying photo caption. Again, since we have no space limitations, include an updated unit officers lists with or without photos. Feel free to submit anything else you feel worth notification.

Again: The Forum website is contractbridgeforum.com