D22 2018 North American Pairs

Win Gold Points plus $$ Subsidy to the Nationals!

By John Kissinger
D22 NAP Coordinator

The NAP is an ACBL grassroots pairs event that qualifies pairs for the national final – this season at the 2019 Spring NABC in Memphis, Tennessee. The top three pairs from Flight A, and the top four pairs from Flights B and C, qualify to represent our district at the national finals.
The NAP final is D22’s premier regional pairs event that awards gold points to overall placements. This year we hold the two-session NAP district final Saturday, September 8, at the Orange County Regional in Costa Mesa. Game times to coincide with regional events.
Strats: A = 2500+ MPs, B = 500 NLM-2500, C = 0-500 NLM. Points are as of the ACBL June MP reporting cycle.
Pairs that qualify for the national finals receive a subsidy to help defray expenses: $700 p/p for 1st, $500 for 2nd, $300 for 3rd, and $200 for 4th.


Clubs (not units) may hold NAP qualifying games June, July and August. Players interested in playing in the district final must qualify at a participating club. Players may qualify with any other player. Qualified players may participate in the district final in their flight or any higher flight, and may play with any qualified player that meets the flight MP limits. See the D22 site under NAP for our district’s Conditions of Contest, which also link to the ACBL NAP COC: www.acbldistrict22.com/D22/
I encourage every player to compete in a club qualifying event, play in the district finals and, if you qualify, play in the national final at the NABC. Even if you are not planning to go to the nationals the district final is both fun and a great experience. And lots of gold points are available!

Check your area clubs for qualifying games. If your club doesn’t plan to hold  one, talk to them; maybe they will add a few qualifying games.
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