Anaheim 513

By Ron Lien

Please join us by attending the Anaheim Spring Sectional, April 12-14 in Garden Grove at the Methodist Church. Note that this year the tournament starts on Thursday with two single session Charity Pairs games that pay regional rated silver points. We have the popular Bracketed Swiss Teams on Saturday, with lunch. See the ad this month or go online.
We invite you to attend one of our club games. The Anaheim Unit is generously promoting special games several times a month by covering all the added card fees! So STACs, unit games, charity games thanetc. have the same card fees as regular games ... but more MPs.
Every fourth Monday of the month at Mike’s game will be a unit game. Mike’s Monday 7:00 p.m. game is located in Lemon Park, at 701 South Lemon, Fullerton. Art’s Wednesday game starts at 11:30 a.m. at the Anaheim Senior Center, 150 East Center Drive, Anaheim.
Club game winners in February included: Art Linderman - Marlys Haraden, Yas Takeda - Subba Ravipudi (2), Steve Hough - Mike Ventri, Ron Lien - Steve Stredler, Gertrud McLachlan - Art LInderman, Faye Phillips - Clinton Gorsuch, Yas Takeda - Chi-Chon Yu, Alfred Schekman - Larry Kong, and Marlys Haraden - Raj Ramchandani.
Calling all full-time students attending a four year college who regularly play bridge in Southern California. Please request that all apply for the Gayle Andrews $1,000 bridge scholarship.
For an application form contact me at

Balboa 505

By Phil Pearl

Ken Monzingo, the editor of the Forum, has informed me that this April Forum will be the last printed issue. May becomes online only. The front page has instructions on how to receive the digital issue. Briefly: If you currently do not receive emails from ACBL, you should update your member profile. Go to and log into “My ACBL.” Click on “Update My Contact Information.” Scroll down to “Email Address.” Enter or update your email in two fields and click “SUBMIT.”
The clubs within the Balboa Unit present a wide variety of bridge instruction for its members and even non members. At the Costa Mesa Bridge Club, Marjorie Michelin or Ellis Feigenbaum conduct chalk talks on interesting bridge subjects on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Fridays before the games. Her audience includes players ranging from Junior Masters to Gold Life Masters. On Thursdays, at the same club, Ron Stearns conducts supervised play sessions before the open game. There are lessons to be learned from these pre-dealt hands. Ron says most of his players range between 20-200 masterpoints. On Wednesdays at the J & J Bridge Club, Judy Elbogen conducts bridge lessons by supervised play, before the open game. I see Junior Masters to Gold Life Masters attending these lessons. While Judy is doing her thing, Sean Lui is in the other room giving bridge lessons and then directing a two hour duplicate game for members and non members who have 0-49 masterpoints. On Tuesdays, Gail Schneider conducts lessons for beginners and intermediates before her game at the Oasis Senior Center in Corona Del Mar.
Speaking of Ron Stearns, he is on our unit board as chairman of education. As such, he chairs the mentor-mentee program, where a member with <300 masterpoints can be paired up with a Life Master or greater, for six playing sessions in the open games. Ron says most of his mentees have 50-200 points. Ron can be reached at
So, it is up to us member to get the members who do not know about all of these available lessons and supervised play to come out and learn and improve their game. Also, any of you readers who know of party bridge players, duplicate novices, or non members, let them know about what is available in bridge instruction in the Balboa Unit.
Membership News: Our new members are Susan Braun, Tony Khoury, Marcia Peters, and Steven Kinder. Transfers-in include Frances Every from Downey-Whittier, and Greg Nelson from Saddleback. Thomas Schoeffler and Donna Shaffer are now Junior Masters, while Kaye Jacoway is now a Club Master. Winston Chang and Grace Lee made NABC Master. Shmuel Fisher is our new Silver Life Master, and Fred Dyle achieved Ruby Life Master.
Congratulations to all.
The newest members of the 70% club are Doris Wheatcroft and Dolores Julick who scrored 70.60% March 5 at the Costa Mesa Bridge Club.

Bakersfield 514

By Mimi Stull

Many of our new members are looking forward to playing in their first tournament. They will get that chance at our Spring Sectional which will be held Friday through Sunday, April 20-22, at the Community House 2020 R Street. There will be a special 299er section at the open games, and the Swiss Teams play whenever attendance permits (if there are at least three tables of that group). Open games will be on Friday and Saturday at 10:00 & 2:30. Swiss Teams games will begin at 10:00 on Sunday, including a playthrough, catered ($5.00) luncheon.
Sign-up papers will be available for cash and food donations. Volunteers are needed for different kinds of help as well. For further information contact: tournament chairman Christine Moore Ph: 661 871-7760 or or partnership chairman; Cecily Kay 661 663-8995
At our February unit game there were 10 tables. First overall was Bruce Maclin - Bob Giragosian followed by: Ann Miller - Grace Tanner; Wafik Abdou - Marty Hinds; Dene Ferris - GeorgeAnn Kerley; Judy Mosely - Vicki Li; Shirley Eide - Rebel Pilshaw; Lee Mizrahi - Vilas Bankar; Mimi Stull - Norman Hamady; Michael & Mary Wells; and Barbara Moore - DiAnn Lowder.
The 299er players who came in 1st in the Intermediate game were Bob Campbell - Taylor - Dixie Fornasero, David Hand - Esther Dougherty, Laurie Kreizenbeck - Suzee Branker, and Tim Prince - Karen Cooley.
Two C players, Judy Moseley - Vicki Li, were 1st in an open game. Richard & Carol Kemmerer had a 71.59% game at the Oak Tree Bridge club in Tehachapi.
Shirley Eide, club manager, announced that Maritha Pottenger will return to give lessons on Thursday and Friday, May 31-June 1. “Her first day will be targeting the Intermediate players. Please specify what lessons you would be interested in taking. Some who have signed up have specified Lebensohl, Opening Leads, and Discards. The fee is $105 per day with the extra $5.00 going to the Community House. If you plan to attend, please let me know,” Shirley said.
She may be reached at 661 205-2439 or
Congratulations to those going up in Master rank. New Junior Masters are Sandra Bolen and Deray Bolen. New Sectional Master is Michael Wells.
April is going to be a busy bridge month so mark your calendars and plan to attend all the events. Club charity week ($6.00) will be Monday-Wednesday and Saturday, April 2-4 & April 7. STAC games ($6.00) will be Monday through Wednesday, April 9-11. Our Spring Sectional will be Friday thru Sunday, April 20-22. There will be an ACBL-Wide Charity Game ($6.00) on Wednesday, April 25.
By now you know that our club has “Sprung Forward,” in other words, the starting time of all of our games: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Saturday. Will begin at the same time - 12:30 p.m. - until further notice.
“Some things are better left unsaid ... which I generally realize right after I have said them.” -Anonymous

Coronado/ Eastlake 519

By Jean Seager

Bob Shapley, a consummate bridge player who passed away in January, considered the Eastlake Bridge Club a part of his legacy. He, along with Kathie Angione, helped found the club. In tribute to Bob, the club held a bridge game and luncheon in his memory. Posters and pictures of Bob adorned the room, and some of his favorite foods were served. His widow, Alana, spoke of Bob’s love for bridge and for the competitive spirit, intellect, and concentration that it demands. But, she said, bridge is also about community – about friendships with people from all walks of life, about teamwork, and respect. She pointed to the large turnout for the memorial game as evidence of that community.
We all miss Bob, the beloved bridge player and friend who strove to learn more, shared his knowledge, worked to maintain the integrity of the game, and infused it with his wry sense of humor.
Results at Eastlake featured Jean Chene and Marilyn Wolf who won twice. Jean also won with Walter Schwerin. Laurie Dodson won three times, with partners Marianne Amantea, Merle Schneiderwind and Linda Mackey. John Dusharme also won three times, twice with his wife Linda and once with Merle Schneiderwind. Robin Rodger and Sam Madison won twice. Other victors included Anisuz Zaman and Hideki Kitamura, Fran and Doral Hunter, Elizabeth Poplawsky and Larry Sherman, Joan Schaffer and Joan Vannoy, Carole Ecklund and Lu Bucknell, and Judy Shepard and her mentor.
Swiss Teams winners were Shay and Jim Andrews and Kathie Angione and John Lagodimos.
At the Coronado Duplicate Bridge Club, Phil Akre was the standout with three wins, two with Norma Lyerly and one with Tom Herzog. Richard Hsieh had a stellar month, taking the prize for most masterpoints of the month (3.32) as he won with both Gail Dunham and her husband, Bob. Rounding out the top five in masterpoints were Jean and Bill Seager with 3.24 and Wally Augustin and Adele Gerstenhaber with 3.23.
Other winners were Carr and Marian Ferguson, John Pizzato and John Malskis, Joe and Kathy Murray, Irene and Anthony Toogood, Adele Gerstenhaber and Wally Augustine, and Betty Ann and John Ellery.
Thank you to Adele Gerstenhaber for organizing a lovely luncheon, at which the club welcomed leaders from other clubs in the region. The food was delicious and expertly served in our beautiful ocean-view venue. Thank you to Carol Brager for her all-around helpfulness and for tending bar. Marianne Malskis generously donated the beverages. At the luncheon, president John Malskis expressed his appreciation for all who assist throughout the year. As John says, “We couldn’t run a bridge club without the volunteers who help.”

Desert Cities 533

  By Nancy Erickson

The classic 1964 Bob Dylan piece “The Times They Are A-Changin” comes to mind as I write this article. This is the last Desert Cities column to appear in paper print. The Western Conference Forum, as we have come to know it, will no longer exist. District 22, like its fellow Districts 17 and 21 will be moving to an online format. Once the link is activated we will be asking our clubs to add District 22’s monthly communication to their websites and the unit will do the same.
As I stated in our February article, it is critical for you to contact ACBL to update your email information, should you wish to continue receiving the information previously published in the Forum. If you don’t currently receive emails from ACBL or Unit 533, please update your member profile so you will receive the D22 online communication. Go to and log in to “MyACBL.” Click on “Update My Contact Information.” Scroll down to “Email Address.” Enter or update your email in the two fields and click the “SUBMIT” button.
The Palm Springs Sun & Fun Sectional hosted 293 tables. We salute Jim Darvey & Abe Pineles the top masterpoint winners. Jim Weeks, Janice Randles and Sue Tripp finished in the top 10 MP winners. Julie Nestibo was the top Unit 533 499er MP winner.
The Scotts, Magged and Campbell, came together again to deliver another successful event. The unit expresses its collective thank you to all who attended and the volunteers and ACBL tournament directors. A special shout-out goes out to President William Stine, who does the bulk of the hands-on work and Carol Wilkinson, the unit’s partnership chair.
Club owners have asked the following be shared: Palm Springs Bridge Club will host club championships the first week of April on the 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 6th. The club’s Valentine Extravaganza gave away “Chanel Bags” to winners Michael Walker & Carol Orazetti and Robert Coole & Anne Kendall.
Mission Hills Duplicate Bridge Club @ Joslyn proudly announces the latest addition to its director team: David Goetz. David is directing Friday open games year round and serving as backup director to Gary Delestine, director-in-charge.
MHDBC’s bridge instructor, Dave Cunningham, will offer the next eight week lesson series for beginners starting on Tuesday, April 10. Also, Dave continues “Wednesdays with Dave” offering lessons to Advancing Beginners & Intermediates on various conventions. Scott Magged will be honored Sunday, April 8, as the third recipient of the Bob Astone Appreciation Award. The award will be presented at the Unit 533 awards recognition and unit game.
When it comes to creativity, Mick Riccio is the ringmaster! To increase the number of year-round players in attendance at local bridge games and to develop a potential base of evening players, Mick will host an evening Beginner’s Class in June at the Duncan Bridge Center. Mick is nationally known for his teaching and his students become excellent tacticians at the bridge table. The class will be held on Tuesdays and Fridays. The dates are: June 5, June 8, June 12, June 15, June 19, June 22, June 26 and June 29.
There will be a mass marketing program to target younger people less than 60 years of age. Following the classes, an evening game at DBC has been designed just for them to play in. That game will start in July and will be directed by Mick. Please help Mick tap into this source of potential players in our valley. It is also an excellent opportunity for your wife, husband or significant other to learn the game. For complete details go to, or contact Mick at
Please be sure to attend the awards recognition and unit game on Sunday, April 8. An email will be sent with all the particulars.
We welcome the following new members: Jim Gleeson; Nica Sheward; Frances Steele; Daniel Van Dusen; Suzy Weeks and Sandy Young.
Major promotions reported by ACBL are: Diamond Life Master - Carol Van Court; Gold Life Master - Tom Codey; Silver Life Masters - Bill Freeman and Robert Weber; Bronze Life Masters - Theodora Friedman, Eri Griffin and John Nugent-Patten; and Life Masters - Marcy Blumstein, Theodora Friedman and John Nugent-Patten. All other promotions can be viewed on the unit website at
The unit extends its sympathy to Jerry Sullivan ... life partner of William Bowld, to Irv Kostal on the passing of his wife Shawnee, and to Jane Witous on the death of her husband, John. May you find comfort in knowing each of you is in our thoughts and prayers.
And one final thought: our webmaster, Mac Becket works tirelessly to keep the unit’s information updated and accurate on the web. As we become more dependent on the information highway is your best source of bridge news in the valley and Southern California. When you check your email, check the unit’s website too. As an added incentive the first Unit 533 member to email me the new unit officers’ names and titles will receive a free play to the Palm Springs Regional!
Welcome to the 21st Century!

Inland Valley 534

By Barbara Revels

Unit 534 has the pleasure of announcing the appointment of a new unit game manager: David Sterling, who recently moved here from the San Francisco area. We are all looking forward to David’s ideas and suggestions as he works toward increasing the participation in the game, which will, in turn, support his organizing a separate section for Non-Life Masters at our monthly unit games.
While we are happy to announce David’s appointment as unit game manager, we regret that a longtime mainstay in our unit, Reggie Fujimoto, has decided to no longer direct. Reggie has tirelessly stepped up to substitute for directors in Murrieta, Temecula and Sun City, while he was the primary director for Temecula’s Old Town Bridge Club on Friday and Saturday. In addition to all of that, he has continually recruited new members and taught beginning bridge lessons resulting in a flow of new players to the Unit 534 bridge clubs.
Reggie was born on the Big Island, Hawaii, and grew up near Hilo. He finished his schooling at Tulane University in New Orleans. In the 1960s Reggie began playing bridge with his mother who had become a Life Master in the 1950s. Reggie became a Life Master in 2008, received his ACBL teaching accreditation in 2013, and became a director in 2014. He has always enjoyed teaching beginning students, giving so much of himself back to the game he loves. All of this while enjoying ocean fishing, gardening and growing orchids.
What will Unit 534 and all of the unit clubs do without him? You frequently hear people say, “No one is irreplaceable,” – don’t believe it!
Carol and Darrell Dewell were the overall, and N/S, winners at the 534 unit game held on February 11, with a 63.97% game. Edwin Oldham and Kenneth Chia were the E/W winners with 59.26%.
Big games at the clubs around the unit in February were: Banning Beaumont Bridge Club, Carl Hoeberling and Bill Wellman, 65.97% on February 9, Susan Nichols and Fred Fairbanks, 69.21% on February 23. Hemet Bridge Club, Jackie and Ray Latta, 71.43% on February 22. Sun City Monday Club, Peggy Bailey and Bill Wellman had games of 69.13% and 67.27% during February. Murrieta Bridge Club, Wicker Gamble and Fran White had a 75.67% game for Unit 534’s top game score of the month.
The Old Town Bridge Club, Wednesday game, Virginia Hoppe and Milton Fader, 70.50%. The Old Town Bridge Club, Saturday game, Bernard Fegueiredo and Bill Williams, 69.21%. T. Woods and Harry O’Neil had games of 65.97% and 65.48%.
The Banning Beaumont Bridge Club celebrated Valentine’s Day on February 16 with lunch hosted by the club, followed by a very hyper-active bridge game. Could it have been all that chocolate? Winners N/S were Peggy Bailey and Bill Wellman, 65.05%. The E/W winners were Devota Phillips and Helen Shoemate, 68.06%.

La Jolla/Beaches 526

By Skipbid

Our February 25 winners were Jeremy Fields and Linda Gu in both Flights A and B, with Bob Brobst and Matthew Kidd taking 1st in Flight C.
In our February 11 game there was another double Flight A and B win, this time by Barbara Blake and Patricia Wilkey, and Bob Brobst and Matthew Kidd repeated their Flight C win.
The unit wishes to congratulate the following members for their advancement in ACBL rank: new Junior Masters - Sandra Antonel, Bonnie Rose, and Sherron Schuster; and new Club Masters - John Fabian and Wayne Sottosanti. Nice job, all! (And please refer to this column for a free play in March or April.)

Lompoc 528

By Mike Peterson

February 1st place finishes: Ada Bakalar, Donald Beck (2), Suzanne Budabin (4), Sarah Flinkingshelt (4), Joyce Gehlhaar, John Greer, Barbara Holt, Skook Porter (4), Kay Rowland, Mike Scavone (2), Nick Sehgal (4), Tom Small (4), Frank Swanson (3).
Congratulations to all – especially the multi-game winners.
Congratulations also go to Don Beck and Tom Small for their 72.03% game and to Tom Small and John Greer for their 71.88% game.
Thanks go to those who provided food for the election, especially Skook Porter who was up until 2:00 a.m. putting it all together!
Lynley Bernau’s Forum reports will surely be missed; she has decided to step down. [Thanks, Lynley -ed.]

Riverside 537

By Nancy Alvarado

It is time to move into the 21st Century and embrace the advantages of technology, which apparently include saving the publishers money and rescuing trees. The Forum will no longer appear in its existing “hard copy” format, but only online. If you are already tech savvy, you can continue reading the Forum by making sure your preferred email address is current in the ACBL database. If you are not sure how to do this, ask one of the club directors and we will help you (to the best of our ability). See page 1 for instructions.
ACBL announces rankings within each unit for the players who have won the most masterpoints during the preceding year within their brackets. The Helen Shanbrom Ace of Clubs award is for the players who have won the most black points, earned only in club play. Online and tournament points don’t count toward this honor. In Riverside, the winners were: (0-5) Denton Anderson, (5-20) Linda Pearce, (20-50) Teri Simpson, (50-100) Nino Lingad [but we consider Clint Pooley to be our winner since Nino has never played in Riverside], (100-200) Mona Busick, (200-300) Doreen Grant, (300-500) Paul Caslavka, (500-1000) Michel Tuszewski, (1000-1500) Pat Mascari, (1500-2500) Karen Brandt [actually Millie Garrison because Karen doesn’t play with us], (2500-3500) David Ruoff [we miss you, Dave!], (3500-5000) William Hamann.
The Mini-McKenney award is for the players who have won the most total masterpoints, including tournament and club play but not online. In Riverside the winners were: (0-5) Alok Joshi, (5-20) Adelle Beck, (20-50) Teri Simpson, (50-100) Nino & Ashok Chandovarkar [but again, we consider Clint Pooley our winner], (100-200) Mona Busick, (200-300) Sadhna Joshi, (300-500) Nancy Alvarado, (500-1000) Michel Tuszewski, (1000-1500) Carolyn Staab [Carolyn never plays with us, so Arleen Harvey is our winner], (1500-2500) Millie Garrison, (2500-3500) David Ruoff, (3500-5000) William Hamann. Congratulations to all who worked hard to improve their bridge and competed well against worthy opponents at home and abroad.
District races can be found online and several of our members appeared high in those standings as well, including Mary Ann Braden, Michel Tuszewski, Nancy Alvarado, Paul Caslavka, and Millie Garrison. Congratulations to Teri Simpson and Michel Tuszewski who were winners in both races.
The unit game on February 18 featured a potluck with a belated Valentine’s Day theme. Secret admirers became adversaries after the food was set aside and play began. Winners were: N/S: Paul Caslavka - Michel Tuszewski, Kiran Kumar - Linda Eagan 2nd. E/W winners were Beverly Monteiro - Mona Busick, Gina Mariposa - Robert Davis 2nd.
February saw the return of snowbird Jyotika (Joy) Sheth - welcome back! Sadhna Joshi returned from family wedding festivities in India, Beth Houlihan decided bridge was more fun than work, and Connie Dawson because a regular on Wednesdays and Fridays, with partner Cynthia Sommer.
We are proud of all our players. You are the ones who made these races challenging for the winners – you’ll catch them next year!    

Saddleback 525

By Robert Micone

After a one-year hiatus, due to scheduling problems with the Riverside Regional, the Unit 525 Saddleback Sectional re-engaged in 2018 in a big way. This two-day event attracted almost 300 players – most of whom came from outside our unit.
I noticed that some unit members and local club members avoided the sectional because of the perception of tough competition. In reality, the 0-500 event was held simultaneously and took up about 40% of the total table count for the two days.
A number of unit members experienced some initial success in winning events at the sectional in February. Your unit board hereby recognizes the following achievements: John and Nadine Schwab, who won the Sunday 499 Swiss playing with Shelley Basson and Wendy Vaughn Platt from San Diego. The Sunday afternoon 499 Swiss was won by Rosemarie Dilorenzo, Tobie Allard-Smith, and Juniel Worthington playing with Carolyn Delino from Laguna Beach. Big winners in the 499er Pairs were Judith Mandel and Lynn Jarrett from Laguna Woods.
The big point winner from our unit, as usual, was Marjorie Michelin who continues to achieve at the tournament level.
With a total of 209 tables your unit views this as a successful event which we will strive to do every year. We will continue to build attendance endpoints as well as ambience and exhilaration for the winners.
Important: We are holding a Non-Life Master Sectional in late August of this year. This is the first Non-Life Master tournament the unit has sponsored, and we hope the awards and the ambience will be acceptable to a big crowd. It will be held at the Laguna Woods Club and managed by the Laguna Woods board. Stay tuned for more information.
Welcome to our New Members: Fred Flener, Sarah Fraser, Miles Friedman, Jeanne Maag, Sherrill Macur, Barbara Magalhaes, and Noma Pinto.
Congratulations to the Following: New Regional Masters: Florence Houghton and Ramesh Joshi. New NABC Masters: Kelly Chao and Doris Williams. New Advanced NABC Master: Dana Taylor. New Bronze Life Master: Wayne Gorski.
Until next month, your unit president, Robert Micone.

San Diego 539

By Larry Sherman

Hi, my name is Larry, and I am a bridge addict. You may think I am practicing my speech for the next area Bridge Addicts Anonymous meeting, but alas, I am practicing the speech I need to make when my wife Laura learns I plan to play two sessions per day at the Pacific Southwest Regional at the Town and Country Resort March 26-April 1. I offered to participate in Maritha Pottenger’s mentoring program for one session until I realized my call would be deemed insufficient by the home director, and thus changed my call to Pass. By the Laws of Duplicate Bridge, this would bar my partner from further calls in this auction, but we will try to make an exception if they choose to volunteer themselves. At least I have yet to revoke, or lead out of turn.
We just hosted our Spring Sectional at Marina Village March 2-4. The highlight of the tournament surely had to be learning Rhoda Walsh had eclipsed the 20,000 MP on Saturday. Our onsite reporter, Jack Spade, spoke with the unit’s own Queen of Hearts, Lamya Agelidis, as the games concluded Sunday evening, and learned the table count was down about 10% to 235 tables, but that the 3-day event went smoothly. We are in a downward spiral as regards attendance. During my previous tenure on the unit board, our sectionals were approaching 350 tables. There has been a downward trend, bottoming out last August at 260 tables, and now further trending down to 235 tables. I think it is important for our players to know what is happening. The subject of cutting back from two open sectionals to one annually could come up. This spring one is close to the regional, which may be a problem. It did rain Saturday morning, which probably cost us a little.
Winners of the open events included Scott Nelson - Pat Chapman, Roger Doughman - Suzanne Lebendig, Finn and Alex Kolesnik, Peter Gelfand - Om Chokriwala, Yoko and Sam Jordan, and David Anding - Richard Gold - Dorn Bishop - Alex Fowlie in the A/X Swiss. winners in the 1499er events included Batia Kvashny - Suresh Kanekar, Richard Hill - Patrick Staley, a tie between Hill - Staley and Arlen Special - Yvonne Gallagher, and Dwaine Hawley - Gary Zoss. Winners of 299er events: Marnie Barnhorst - Merrel Olesen, Beth Ott - Darlene Morell, Susan and Larry Brenden, and Ginny Potter - John Fabian.
Winners of the B/C/D Swiss event were Chris Hastie - Dan Koppenhafer - Linda Gu - Tom Herzog. Congratulations to all.
Our unit plans to introduce two special games this year that we’d like to make you aware of. The August 5 unit game will be a mixed gender pairs competition, with both open and 999er sections as usual. The October 7 unit game feature pairings of players with less than 1,000 MP and players with more than 1,000 MP. There will only be one section for this game.
We encourage you to find your own partners for each of these games, but if you need assistance, feel free to contact our partnership chairperson.
We are working on our second edition of a Unit 539 newsletter, tentatively scheduled to be published in May. We are interested in what other pursuits our members are interested in. Please share yours, including any photos, by emailing
On Super Bowl Sunday (February 4), we merged our 999er game into the open event and fielded 13 tables. Finishing 1st in the A strat were Bette Cornelius - Dan Dayani, while Chebi Jada - Peter Moyer won the B and C strats. Two weeks later we had a nice turnout of 26 tables total. The 19 table open game was won by Christine Denny - Jim Johnsen, with Bridgette Poizner - John Howard finishing atop both B and C strats. Seven tables competed in the 999er game, with Gigette and Craig Caldwell winning, while Wendy Platt - Stuart Showalter finished atop B, and Leslee Levin - Iris Menninger won the C.
We are happy to announce new milestones reached by Unit 539 members: Club: Rose Mary Johnston, John Neill, and Bk Swenson; Regional: Jeff Weien; NABC: Raj Patel; Advanced NABC: Luke Williams; Bronze: Susan Ealy-Pililaau and Evan Ziegler; Silver: Malcolm Jarvis; Ruby: David Vier; Diamond: Ron Kay; Emerald: Greg House. Our awards chairperson, Carolyn Casey, will be in contact to offer a free play at any of our unit games during a three month window.
The unit welcomes a few transfers from outside the area, including Victoria Haines from Calgary, Mary Hudson from Tucson, and Connie Nute from Saddleback Unit 525.
Club News: The San Diego Bridge Club ( offers a weekly game every Tuesday at 10:30 a.m. Winners from February were Barbara Blake - Paul Darin (twice), Pam Lawrence - Lois Hill, and Bill Grant - Sam Madison-Jammal. The club will be closed on March 27 during the week of the Pacific Southwest Regional. Starting in April we will have a drawing for a free play for a pair the following week. Anyone can win, just come and play and have a chance to win a free play. The club will host a Western Conference Spring STAC game on May 8.
San Diego Bridge Academy ( and Redwood Bridge Club ( Check out the websites for game results, descriptions of all the available games and lessons.
Adventures in Bridge ( Check out the website. Game results are posted quickly and there’s a description of all the available games and lessons.
21st Century Bridge Club meets every Thursday evening at 6:30 p.m. at the Redwood Bridge Club. If you need a partner or would like information on this sanctioned game please call Betty Riedler at 619 276-3476, or email her at

San Diego North County Coastal 531

By Rick Gold

Congratulations to Rick Kerbel and Rick Gold for nabbing 1st in our February unit game. Olive McCullough and Marge Garland won the NLM section. Well done! Our next unit game is April 8 at Ocean Hills. Our Spring Sectional is May 4 and 5.
The following people won the Ace of Clubs awards: Elysabeth Kinneberg (0-5), Jack Benoualid (5-20), Jack Stanley (20-50), Carl Meisterlin (50-100), David Blumenberg (100-200), Janet Dunlap (200-300), Ronald Anson (300-500), Maria Marshall (500-1000), Richard Stryker (1000-1500), Anne Malkind (1500-2500), Loraine Gordon (2500-3500, Joe Houde (3500-5000), Paul Foster (5000-7500), and Steve Bruno (over 10,000). Congratulate them all when you see them at the bridge table.
To encourage more bridge players to play, the board is finalizing supervised bridge lessons for beginners and intermediate players. Advanced classes are also being considered. Classes are expected to start mid-April. Fliers and emails will provide more information on where and when the classes will be held.
Please welcome new member John Persidok and new transfers Emma Brashara, Ruby Fish and Cheryl Griffiiths into Unit 531. Look forward to seeing you at the bridge table.
Jack Scholle has achieved Junior Master. Susan Kilkenny is now a Club Master. Charles Stoopack meets the requirements of NABC Masters. Jon Lelevier has achieved Life Master. At the Life Master level, Gene Katz has turned Gold. When you see the above at the table please join me in congratulating them for attaining their individual milestones.
Cardiff by the Sea: Harvey Goldstein
We had fourteen 60% games during the month, and that was for just three games as we did not play on Presidents Day. The honor for the top score for the month went to Janice Joerger and Wayne Holm with a 68.45% game for a sure-fire 1st overall. Steve Reid and Jeff Leach had their 1st overall win during week two of the month. They had a 67% game. Our first week overall honors went to Mary Ballin and Stan Rabin with a 68% game.
There were no repeat 1st place winners for the month. I guess it was time to share the wealth and share we did. Two of the best stories dealt with the performance of Barbara Farfel and Barbara Kantz who had a 1st place finish with an outstanding 65% game. Barbara F. has been playing with a number of different partners but none have come close to the terrific performance of the two Barbaras at the end of the month. Another super result was authored by Mason Rosenthal and Vicky Currie who had a 1st place finish in their section. Vicky was away for a while challenging the slopes and unfortunately one of the slopes got her. She is in a boot and will be out of action for the next couple of months. She continues to play weekly, boot and all. It looks like a designer boot! Vicky plays a very solid game with Mason who is one of the nicest people in all of bridge. He has become a real student of the game and it shows.
Our list of 65%+ pairs included Dee Dee Field - Jack Benoualid, Raj Patel - Ed Zevely and Ralph Tribbey & Julio Veinbergs. The 60%ers included Jerry Woodworth - Dick Aufmann, Cathy Staver - Linda Atkinson, Harvey Schleifstein - Don Cleveland, Bob Griest - Jay Rothbart, Joan Kroener - Jeanette Bentley and Sandy Silverman & Vicki Shepperd Chin. We look at having a 50% game as good, 60% as great, 65% as terrific and 70% as stupendous. We did not reach stupendous this month but we were good, great and terrific. That kind of sums up our game and the people who play in it.
On a closing note, we were all terribly saddened to lose two of the kindest, warmest people we have had the pleasure of knowing. Irene Howard and Charise Hollander passed away during the month. Although they never played as partners they were an outstanding twosome. They will be sorely missed by all of us.
Encinitas: Ida Burcham
We only had three Thursdays in February. The Senior Center is closed for two weeks for repairs. Our regular club masterpoints list is impressive because we had an Open Pairs game and a club championship game. Steve Reid and Mark Spiro topped the club masterpoints list. They have worked up a solid partnership. We also worked in a charity game before we shut the doors for two weeks. Bette Cornelius asked Nagy Nosseir to drop by and play a game of duplicate with her, and they took home the 1st overall bonus. In the NLM section I had to beg Gary and Maureen Sage to sit N/S because the last pair to show up didn’t know how to score and were nervous about sitting N/S. Gary and Maureen won the 1st overall with a 66.67% game. No one was close.
Fallbrook: Fran White
The club championship winners were the two Ricks this month: Rick Gold and Rick Kerbel were 1st overall on February 22. Second overall went to Cari Reuter and Sandy Nisson, with 3rd place going to Barb Anderson and Virginia Hoppe. Charlie Hurd and Glory Reigg tied with Ron and Nancy Perkins for 1st in Flight B. Leaders for this month were Rick and Rick, Virginia Hoppe, Sandy Nisson, Barb Anderson, Charlie Hurd and Glory Reigg, Cari Reuter, Milt Fader, Carol and Darrell Diwell. Tom Miller led Flight B followed by the Perkins and Dave Blumenberg.
Oceanside West: Ida Burcham
February is our shortest month, and it looks like this is going to be my shortest report. The winners of the club championship games have their masterpoints reflected in the regular club masterpoint list. What is so strange about this report is that on both Monday and Tuesday the winners of the club championship game and the charity game are the same. There is just one person on both days who beat out the winners for the leader on the masterpoint list. On Monday Joann Dilling topped the list, and on Tuesday Rima Sharron was the leader. Second and 3rd on both lists were the winners of the charity game. Rick Gold and Joe Houde got 1st overall for the Tuesday game, and Hanan Deeby and Bernard Figueiredo beat out the field in the Monday charity game. Now, onward and upward to our next membership game.

San Diego North County Inland 549

By Dorothea Williams

This will probably be the last time you will receive a paper copy of the Forum. Be aware that you will be receiving an email notice with a link to an electronic version of the Forum for the May edition. You should look for that email about the 22nd of April. If you have set your email account to accept messages only from known senders, you may want to check your “junk mail” that week and then be sure to enter the Forum email address to ensure your receipt of future mailings.
Go for the Gold! If you haven’t settled your calendar for the upcoming San Diego Regional, you may have a few days left – you need to put everything else on hold and get there March 26-April 1 at the Town & Country Resort & Convention Center (go to the website for information and the event flier). This is a terrific opportunity – don’t miss it!
Our first unit game at the BCNC facility on February 24 was a very pleasant success! We were able to accommodate everyone who came with room to spare and there were lots of compliments on the lunch. We all had a great time and look forward to the next games on March 24 and April 28!
The top four winners in each direction of the open section were as follows: N/S – Fran White & Rick Kerbel, Al Nadel & Tom Nolan, Maria Marshall & Janice Joerger, and Cheryl Fosdick & Bob Anuskiewicz; E/W – Manoochehr & Alberdina Bahmanian, Carol Turner & Carol Reinhart; Ruth Arensohn & Pat Astier, and Jill Roberts & Art Foeste/Ed Zevely & Raj Patel.
The top four winners in NLM section were: N/S – Tomoko Harper & Joyce Fox, and Robert Stinner & Mel Cohn; E/W – Susan Kronenwett & Ronique Nilson, and John Coulombe & Dorothea Williams.
We congratulate all the winners, and extend a heartfelt thank you to everyone who played.
Just in case you missed the notice last month, unit games are now being held on the fourth Saturday of each month at the Bridge Club of North County (BCNC) in Escondido (2320 South Escondido Blvd.). Two exceptions to this schedule are third Saturdays due to scheduling conflicts – May 19, and November 17. Lunch will be available at 11:45, with the game starting at 12:30.
Welcome new members to Unit 549: Ramakant Asaravala, Gary Graham, Kim Pierce, Michael Shannon, and Kaison Yen.
Members attaining new levels of achievement: new Junior Masters: Howard Birndorf, and Sharon Feingold. New Club Masters: Tomoko Harper, and Mary Thead. New Sectional Master: Debby Wunderly. New Bronze Life Master: Cheryl Krongard. New Silver Life Master: Virginia Cone.
Unit 549 Congratulates all of the above for achieving these new levels of excellence and awards them a free play at the next unit game.
Bridge Club of North County
The club will be closed on Tuesday, March 27, Thursday, March 29, and Saturday, March 31, for the Pacific Southwest Regional in San Diego.
Alert! Thursdays at the club have become “Bargain Days” with $8.00 game fees and a free lunch. Also, there will be two games running concurrently: a regular open game and a new 0-199 game for our “up & coming” members. These are not truncated games – a full 24-28 boards will be played depending on the number of tables. Additionally, anyone who attends a mentoring session in the morning can stay and play in the afternoon game for only $6.00 (the first time you do this, the game is free). Mentoring is at 9:30 a.m., lunch starts at 11:45 with the game following at 12:30.
How can you beat this? Come and join us ... you’ll be glad you did!
You still have time to add your name to the new club directory, which is currently being compiled. To be included, you need to provide your name, telephone number, email address and emergency contact information.
There are forms at the club you must fill out and sign, or alternately, you can provide the information electronically to Arline Kennedy at arlinek@gmail.comif you don’t see the form at the club, please ask a director for one.
Easybridge! 2, which consists of 10 weekly sessions, starts Saturday, June 16, at 9:00 a.m. Each session consists of a 20-30 minute lesson followed by about two hours of assisted play. To participate in this class, you must have completed Easybridge! 1, or played some duplicate bridge and have less than 100 masterpoints. The cost is $119.00 (including the workbook – a $12.00 value). You can come by yourself or with a partner. Hazel Turner, a Life Master and ACBL Certified Easybridge! Instructor will be presenting this series of classes. Additional information is available on the BCNC website (see address below).
To enroll please contact Hazel directly at
Have you been feeling like your game could use some polishing up? Maybe your scores have gone south and you’re wondering what’s up with that? But, you really don’t want to enroll in a whole series of classes? Perhaps our Supervised Play could help you sort it all out. Sessions are on Monday at 9:00 and Thursday at 9:30. The cost is $5.00 and players are invited to stay and play in the afternoon game for an additional $6.00. Plus all of that, the first time you attend a mentoring session on Thursday and stay for the afternoon game, the afternoon is free (and on Bargain Thursday you even get a free lunch!). To participate in the mentoring sessions, you must sign up in advance. This is required so that enough qualified mentors can be enlisted to assist each table of players. Contact Vic for further information and to sign up at
April games at BCNC are megapoint games supporting ACBL charities, and local charities in equal numbers. There are two championship games – April 5, and Monday, April 16. Saturdays are Pizza Days (except the 28th, when Unit 549 has its game at the club).
Check the calendar for exact dates of the various club games and activities. Go to our website: www.bridgeclubofnorthcounty.orgto find everything you need to know about bridge at the club. The address is 2320 South Escondido Blvd., Escondido 92025. Phone is 760 807-9396, email:
Feel free to contact the club regarding club programs, special games, and partnership help.
Top five open players for February: Tim Flaherty, Marilyn Florin, Dan Higgins, Bunny Schmidt, and Sheila Latus. Top Five Non-Life Master 0-499 players for January: Ken Patrick, Bejai Higgins, Ayoug Jaraicie, Lindy Patrick, and Dorothea Williams.
Congratulations to all of these winning players.
Lake San Marcos Duplicate Bridge Club
All of our April games will earn megapoint awards. Top open players for February: John Sharron, Jr./Rima Sharron, Minnie Williams/Jeanne Griffin, and Wayne Holm/Leo Carney.
Top 5 Non-Life Master 0-499 players for February: George Wilkinson, David Blumenberg, Barbara Scherman, Katherine Balog, and Patricia Reid.
Lake San Marcos Duplicate Bridge Club games are held at the San Marcos Senior Center at 111 Richmar Avenue, San Marcos 92069. The Wednesday game starts at 12:00. Snacks and coffee are provided. The cost is $7.00. For further information call John at 760 751-0406, or Nina at 760 736-9386.
ACBL Ramona Duplicate Bridge Located at 1721 Main Street #101, Ramona.
Congratulations to a special Swiss Team competing in the Ajijic Valentine Sectional in Olin, Mexico! Our own players, Marilyn Kalabsa, Jolinda Marshall, Jim Marshall and Ginny Wohlfiel earned silver points. Wahoo! Way to go, Team Ramona!
Geoffrey Applegate and Lenore Sjoberg, while off on a recent bridge cruise (to learn more about bridge, of course!), Playing East/West earned a 69% score giving them a 1st place win. Good job, Geoffrey and Lenore!
Game times: Monday 6:00-9:30 p.m. (5:30 Potluck), Thursday night 6:00-9:30 p.m., Friday mornings: Open 9:30 a.m.-1:30 p.m.; 0-49 9:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m. Tuesday lessons begin promptly at 2:00 at the Bridge Club. Call 760 789-1132, or email Mary Ann at for further information about classes and additional bridge activities.

Santa Barbara 542

By Hal Saunders

After a brief hiatus caused in part by several months of natural disasters, the Santa Barbara report is now returning to the digital version of the Forum. Let’s begin by introducing our new board members: our co-Presidents for 2018 are Joan Murdoch and Tish Gainey. The rest of the lineup is as follows: vice-president, Claude Case; club manager, Tish Gainey; secretary, Pat McCready; treasurer, Ronnie Morris; webmaster, Nancy Spelke; education liason, Sally Giloth; membership, Margaret Wahlborg; and game director liaison, Bob Foss.
Congratulations to the seven members who achieved Life Master status in 2017. They are: Maria Black, David Roe, Annetta Patrick, Dennis Berg, Art Levine, Don Elconin, and Dawn Ligon. David, Dennis, Art, and Dawn also formed the GNT team that made it to the Nationals in Toronto last year, and made us all proud with their performance there.
Other recent advancements in rank include: Randy Franciose (Junior Master), Danning Lu (Club Master), Harvey Campbell (Sectional Master), Andrew Rowberg (Sectional Master), Hal Saunders (NABC Master), Carole Cardinal (Advanced NABC Master), and Nancy Hofbauer (Bronze Life Master).
Last month we had two pairs achieve 70% games: Ginny Welton and Pat McCready scored 72% in a 499er game, and Rick Panter and Mark Bartusek had a 71.30% game worth 4.5 masterpoints in the ACBL-wide Charity Game on February 21. In that same game, Lucia Garcia Fernandez and Margaret Wahlborg, playing together for the first time, had a terrific 67% game to finish 1st East-West.
In the other charity game on the 3rd, Dawn Ligon and Hal Saunders were 1st overall with a 64% game, scoring 4.13 points. The two club championships were won by Robert Bigoni/John Whittlesey on the 10th and Chuck Patrick/Hal Saunders on the 14th. And congratulations to Harriet Mosson and Lylie Francis, who made a rare appearance in an open game and crushed the competition to finish 1st on Harriet’s birthday!
The featured event at our club in March is the Santa Barbara 499er Sectional, taking place on March 10-11 with two sessions each day. Joan Murdoch is the tournament chair while the partnership chair is Joanie Sullivan.
We will also be having club championships on March 5 and 16, aunit championship on March 14, and Western Conference Spring STAC week from March 19-25. The game on Sunday the 25th will be a special awards game featuring both open and 499er sections and will be preceded by a lunch at noon.
Finally, my apologies to all those who performed well in tournaments recently. Those results were not available to me at “press time” and I will catch up with you next month. You can help me gather that information and other notable tidbits by placing notes in the large yellow envelope pinned to the bulletin board and eloquently labeled “Forum Stuff.”

Santa Maria 543

By D. Jackson

Not a lot of games at our club this month – first because of problems with our venue and then because of the SLO Sectional. The games we had were won by Robert and Jean Allen-Faust twice, and by Cecil and Pauline Ward, Jan Pettis, Barbara Basila, Yoli Medina, and Diana Jackson.
Many of our members made an impressive showing the SLO Sectional, particularly Yoli Medina and Marie Sheehy who were our club’s top point winners.
Good job.
We send good thoughts to those players we have not seen for a while – particularly Sue Barrett and Keido Shimizu. Take care.

South Orange County 538

By Judy Violick

Welcome to new member Ann McDonald who saw our ad in the neighborhood online site. She, like other new members, thinks Marti Moss is a great teacher. Also welcome to Brennan “Bren” Petar who transferred in and is a friend and old bridge partner of Ab Samiian. They played together until Bren was transferred to LA and stopped playing in the 90s. Now retired, he hopes to get those nine silver points he needs for Life Master.
Congratulations to Marc Leventhal and Alberto Feilhaber on their 81.02% game. No one remembers that ever happening at the club before. In the 0-99 game there were four pairs that had 70% or better games: Brian Johnson - Larry Dingle, Margaret Kernan - Elaine Juhl, Patricia Porter - Wanda White and Gary Fong - Michael Barnett.
Might be time to move up!
Congratulations to all those who advanced in rank: Junior Master, Howdy Pratt; Club Masters, Brenda Currie, Janet Deis, Marylou Smith and Linda Williams; Sectional Master, Lillian Bradley; Regional Master, Jay Nuccio; NABC Master, Arlene Hamann; Advanced NABC Master, JoAnn DiLorenzo; Life Masters, Dottie Hecht, Janie Matlaf, and Steve Rakower; Bronze Life Masters, Susan Bristol and Diana Hoffman; Silver Life Masters, Janie Matlaf, Laverne Mersereau and Jack Rippy.
Here’s a random thought to consider: in bridge, as in life, if you obey all the rules, you miss all the fun. In highly competitive situations, game theory research finds that the best move is often to be unpredictable.
The Friday Night Light Duplicate and Social Bridge games doubled in size the second time around. Spread the word that this is the place to be on the fourth Friday of each month.
On March 3, more than 60 bridge players attended the memorial service for Sally Pelmear. For those of us who only knew her as a bridge teacher, we learned that she was so much more. She loved music and played the piano, sang in her church choir and was a frequent concert goer. She was a game player – any card game, not just bridge, but Monopoly, crossword and jigsaw puzzles. She was a gardener, a self taught chef, a baker and a passionate crafter. She was also a spiritual person and gave generously of her time, talent and treasure to all.
Rest in Peace.

Southern Gold Coast 532

By Joe McHugh

February came in nice and temperate but left in a cold snap. Whatever the weather outside, the Bridge Academy II was open for us to get our bridge fix. We had both a unit game and a charity week for those who like extra points and, of course, the usual daily games at BA II.
The unit game was held on February 11. Seventeen tables in two sections came to eat the excellent Mardi Gras meal, and to earn extra masterpoints. In the open section, which drew 12 full tables, Craig Kavin and Marta Monheim led the way. Gabriella Amadeo and Margaret Bissell finished 2nd overall with Gil Stinebaugh and Joan Rubin 3rd overall. In the 299er section, consisting of five full tables, Ron and Sheila Ruiz finished 1st overall, scoring a 71.00% game; Lynne Weiss and Rudi Weinberg were 2nd overall.
Thanks to everyone who came out to support the unit.
In addition to Ron and Sheila’s 70% game, we had two more 70% games. The following Tuesday morning session saw Gil Stinebaugh and Joan Rubin post a monster 73.67% game. That Friday Howard Cohen and Mark Peters had their own 70% game. This is the first time in quite a while that we have had multiple 70% games in the same month, much less three in just a week’s time.
Congratulations to all of the above on some truly excellent performances.
We had two members advance in rank this month: Connie Mundell is a new Sectional Master, Larry Doose reached an important milestone as he became a Silver Life Master. Please join me in congratulating Connie and Larry on their new Master ranks.
The winners of the annual Mini-McKenney and Ace of Clubs awards for 2017 were finalized and announced at the end of the month. The following won the Mini-McKenney in the designated masterpoint categories: for those starting the year with 0-5 masterpoints, Monique Thomas; for 5-20 masterpoints, Ron and Sheila Ruiz tied for 1st; for 20-50 masterpoints, Darlene Yeowell; for 50-100 masterpoints, Ray Koerner; for 100-200 masterpoints, Lisa Royer; for 200-300 masterpoints, Sin Orensztein; for 300-500 masterpoints, Margaret Bissell; for 500-1,000 masterpoints, Teryl Burke; for 1,000-1,500 masterpoints, Rich Plotin; for 1,500-2,500 masterpoints, Mark Peters; for 2,500-3,500 masterpoints, Alan Curtis; for 3,500-5,000 masterpoints, Ron Westwood; for 5,000-7,500 masterpoints, Craig Kavin; and for 7,500-10,000 masterpoints, Bill Hall. The winners of the Ace of Clubs awards for 2017 were the same as listed above with the following differences: for 0-5 masterpoints, Bill Brinkmeyer; for 50-100 masterpoints, Dennis Zentil; for 300-500 masterpoints, Connie Raabe; for 1,000-1,500 masterpoints, Mary Jo Isaacs; and for 2,500-3,500 masterpoints, Bill Carlson.
Congratulations to all of the above on their fine showings.
Finally, the club and the unit will be holding a 499er tournament June 29-July 1. The tournament will feature five pairs sessions: one on Friday (3:00 p.m.) and two each on Saturday and Sunday (10:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m.). A continental breakfast will be available Saturday and Sunday before the first sessions.
So if you have less than 500 points, please try to join us.

Ventura 547

By Jody Fickes Shapiro

Come honor Unit 547 Helen Shambron Ace of Club and Mini-McKenney 2017 winners on Saturday, April 7, at 11:00 a.m. at the Camarillo Senior Center preceding the regularly scheduled game. Double winners include Mark Eckhout, Gary Feldman, Raeann Koerner, Josh Rosenbluth, Ken Thompson, Joann Bowen and Charles Clarke. Ace of Club leaders included Janis Pulian, Allen Dahl, Jay Fuller, Arline Benzien, and Nancy Wood. Rookie of the Year, Finn Kolesnik captured the Mini-McKenney honors for the 0-5 point range with an astounding 146.15 points. Thirteen-year-old Finn is the son of Alex Kolesnik and Sharon Beynon, and attends middle school in Ventura. His sister Emma was the Mini-McKenney leader in the 5-20 point range. Tim Rea, Anne Cline and Mike Gaddis led their respective point categories in the Mini-McKenney race.
The Fast Pairs game has caught on in Ventura. The February game had twelve full tables. The next scheduled game is Thursday, April 5.
And to get the unit ready for the Strawberry Sectional to be held the weekend of April 27-29, at the Camarillo Senior Center, there will be a practice Swiss Pairs Game on Thursday, April 19.
The Strawberry Sectional in its third year at the Camarillo Recreation Center, 1605 Burnley Street, is one of the highlights of the year and begins Friday, April 27, with two sessions on Friday and Saturday beginning at 10:00 a.m. Sunday will be an all-day Swiss Pairs event. Ventura Unit 547 is known for its friendly hospitality and the best strawberry refreshments in the region. For more information please email
And don’t forget to mark your calendars for another theme game at the Camarillo Senior Center, on Saturday, May 5. Don your serapes and join the fun for Cinco de Mayo. Game time is 11:30, and there will be all the salsa you can eat along with other surprises.

Visalia 548

By Robbie Rouch

A big welcome back to Ron Askeland, whose bridge skills don’t seem to have suffered during the long layoff, though 63.19% with partner Michiko Taylor was only good enough for 2nd place in his return debut. We will be bidding a fond adieu to Lorraine and George Bravante, as they return to the New Jersey “countryside,” with a warm invitation to come visit again. Twenty of our unit members visited a sectional tournament beautifully hosted by our Fresno neighbors, and returned with those coveted silver points.
Victors included Jean Moritz, Barbara Fulmer, John Maguire, Donnie Priest, Dona Meinhardt, and Dee Quatraro.
On the home front 106.5 foursomes competed in 12 contests, with 29 different players divvying up the 40 1st-place spots. Pam Woods led the field with four, followed by Pat Delamontanya at three.
Doublers included Elaine Smith, Fran Prins, Mike & Mary Florio, Paul Schommer, and Vincent Cheng.
Also earning spots in this article were Adrian Duncan, Allyson Farrell, Belva Quattrin, Bill Wilson, Bob Durbrow, Bonnie Chan, Carol Carr, Donny Graham, Gerry Jones, Jacqui McGreal, Janice Crossland, John Colbert, John Morrison, Julie Wilson, Levean Widger, Lisa D’Arcy, Nancy Holley, Robbie, Sheila Smith, Suzi & Warren Cederborg.
Remember to keep the Visalia Sectional on your calendars (May 18-20). Tournament Chair Dee Quatraro will be looking for help from all unit members to make our hospitality truly special as we honor the memory of Lorna Cheng, who contributed so much of herself over the years to our unit.