District 21 Regionals

By Pam Hughes
D21 Tournament Manager

Just a brief note this month to remind you all to come and play in Modesto April 9-15! The host hotel is full, but there are plenty of places you can stay. I recommend an online site such as Priceline or www.hotels.com as they’ll give you a better price for a room than I can.

California Capital Regional

The hotel for our California Capital Regional May 28-June 3, is also close to full. I’ve arranged a wonderful overflow hotel, the Marriott TownePlace Suites: kitchens, living areas, and breakfast is included. Their phone number is 916 920-5400.

Other than that, not much to report. Hope everyone is well and happy!

2017 D21 Goodwill & Special
Presidential Goodwill Award Winners

We are very pleased to report that the following outstanding contributors to bridge in our district have been selected to be our 2017 District 21 Goodwill and 2017 Special Presidential Goodwill Award:
Goodwill Award Winners
Don Austin: Unit 522, Fresno
Mrs. Hetty Eddy: Unit 530, Monterey
Anne Hollingsworth: Unit 499, Diablo Valley
Dave Willmott: Unit 505, Sacramento
Special Presidential
Goodwill Award Winners

Tracey Bauer: Unit 508, Marin
Raad Bunni: Unit 498, San Mateo
These winners have made significant contributions to the bridge world through their ongoing and varied efforts. Their dedication to supporting bridge is most commendable, and we are very fortunate to have such a hardworking and capable group in our district. Many, many thanks to all six of you, and hearty congratulations.


By Ray Yuenger
D21 Vice-President

As the newly elected Vice-President of District 21 (“D21”), I’ve been asked to introduce myself to the members of D21 through this column. I’m Ray. I’ll describe my bridge history along with some personal history relevant to my current official positions, which I’ll list at the end of this introduction.
I learned bridge the summer after graduating from high school in 1970. After a classmate taught a group of us, we alternated that summer between bridge and ping-pong.
Bridge became more of a social focus my sophomore and junior years at Pomona College when I lived in the Russian-language section of the college’s foreign languages dormitory. The section leader played bridge and we often played from after dinner till well past midnight in a lounge just doors away from our rooms. (I wish I’d kept up with Russian like I have with bridge.) Read More.....

District 21 2018 GNT

By Grant Vance
D21 GNT Coordinator

Congratulations to the winning Flight C team of Ying Liu, Jesse Liu, Douglas Schmickrath, Jung Hu, Leila Mattinger. They will enjoy a trip to Atlanta this summer to represent District 21. Good luck!
Perennial winners Chip Martel, Lew Stansby, Jo Anna Stansby, Kit and Sally Woolsey came through again to win the Open Flight. They, too, will defend District 21’s honors in Atlanta.
Flight A semifinalists are:
1 - Mike Cailean, Rajeev Gupta, Stephen Tu, Tien-Chun Yang
2 - Jessica Lai, Dmitri Shabes, Gregory Vance, Andrew Hoskins, Len Vishnevsky, Erwin Linzner
12 - Jim Liu, Peter Sun, Jun Shi, Qiang Zhang, Yu Chang, and
13 - William Zhu, Anant Rathi, Andrew Sinclair, Robert Balas

Pass or Correct
Report from the Board of Directors

By Stu Goodgold
First Alternate ACBL National Board

You might rightfully wonder why this report is coming from me instead of Jackie Zayac, who was recently elected our District Director. Jackie was unable to represent District 21 in Philadelphia because she had major surgery the end of January. She is at home recuperating, and hopes to be back at the tables by the end of April.
Let’s all wish Jackie well as she recovers from her ordeal.
In her stead, as the first alternate I am representing D21 at the ACBL Board of Directors meeting here in Philadelphia. If you have a good memory for other things beside bridge hands, you might remember I filled in on the ACBL board in 2014. This is getting to be a strange routine. Read More....

Master Solvers Panel

By John Swanson
Lancaster, California

Thanks to panel members Bart Bramley, Dallas, Paul Ivaska, Las Vegas, Mike Lawrence, Brentwood, Tennessee, Jill Meyers, Santa Monica, Alan Mould, United Kingdom, Rick Roeder, San Diego, Jim Tritt, Anaheim, and David Weiss, Fullerton. The problems are from various sources. Read More...

Fate: The Western Conference - Opinion

By Ken Monzingo
Forum Managing Editor

Last month I wrote about the demise of this 80-year-old Contract Bridge Forum and the newspaper’s fabled lifetime of great service. Decisions to leave the Western Conference made by Districts 17 and 22, leave District 21, the sole survivor, with few options. If that holds true it will be the end of the Western Conference as well. It never had to happen, continuing on a smaller scale at reduced costs would have been better. The announced reasoning for cancelling the only perk every afforded the entire WC membership was rising costs of publishing and printing. However, second class postage (which we enjoy) has raised very little and even was lowered once in competition with UPS and FedEx. We have not had a price raise from our printer or mailer in years, and production costs of our office were offered to be lowered. WC finances have been effected by declining tournament attendance Read More...