David’s National Dialogue

By David Lodge
National Board Representative

I’m writing from Philadelphia where I’m attending my first meeting as your representative to the National Board of Directors. Meetings are held for 3 to 4 days before each NABC. Since this article has to be submitted before any decisions are made, minutes of the meeting(s) should be available on the ACBL website within some reasonable time.
The ACBL president for 2018 is Jay Whipple. The first job of each new ACBL president is to review the need for a committee and add, delete or combine committees as he/she sees fit. The president then has the difficult task of assigning the other 24 BOD members to one or more committees. This year the committees are Governance, Strategic, Audit, Finance, Bridge, CEO Review, Appeals and Charges, Bylaws and NABC Review. Read More...

Unit Editors & D22 Members Alert

By Ken Monzingo
D22 Forum Editor

embers: As announced, this is the final Contract Bridge Forum newspaper. From now on the Forum will be available online only at  contractbridgeforum.com District members will be notified via email with a link to the digital version, so be sure you have a current, correct email address with ACBL. Read More...

Helping New Players

By Diane Gunther
D22 Goodwill Chairman

Did you know that as of March 1, 2018, all players entering an ACBL sanctioned tournament must be a current member of the ACBL? That means if you are not a member you must join or you won’t be allowed to enter sectional, regional, or national tournament events. To make this somewhat palatable, the ACBL is offering one month league memberships for $7.99. If a new player later decides to join the ACBL on a full time basis, this $7.99 can be applied towards the $39.00 yearly fee. Read More...

Fate: The Western Conference - Opinion

By Ken Monzingo
Forum Managing Editor

Last month I wrote about the demise of this 80-year-old Contract Bridge Forum and the newspaper’s fabled lifetime of great service. Decisions to leave the Western Conference made by Districts 17 and 22, leave District 21, the sole survivor, with few options. If that holds true it will be the end of the Western Conference as well. It never had to happen, continuing on a smaller scale at reduced costs would have been better. The announced reasoning for cancelling the only perk every afforded the entire WC membership was rising costs of publishing and printing. However, second class postage (which we enjoy) has raised very little and even was lowered once in competition with UPS and FedEx. We have not had a price raise from our printer or mailer in years, and production costs of our office were offered to be lowered. WC finances have been effected by declining tournament attendance Read More...

The Orange County Regional

By Lamya Agelidis
Tournament Co-Chairman

Next up For District 22!

With the San Diego Regional just around the corner, it’s time to start rounding up partners for the next District 22 Regional: the Orange County Regional at the Hilton in Costa Mesa. Starting on Labor Day Monday, September 3, this annual regional will run through September 9 and features more of the popular double session Bracketed Teams events (there are now three – we’ve introduced a double session on Saturday to supplement the ones already offered on Monday and Thursday). Check out our website at www.orangecountyregional.com to view the flier with full schedule, and start booking your Hilton Hotel stay at the great bridge rate of $128 (call 714 540-7000).
Stay tuned for more details!

D22 2018 North American Pairs

Win Gold Points plus $$ Subsidy to the Nationals!

By John Kissinger
D22 NAP Coordinator

The NAP is an ACBL grassroots pairs event that qualifies pairs for the national final – this season at the 2019 Spring NABC in Memphis, Tennessee. The top three pairs from Flight A, and the top four pairs from Flights B and C, qualify to represent our district at the national finals.
The NAP final is D22’s premier regional pairs event that awards gold points to overall placements. This year we hold the two-session NAP district final Saturday, September 8, at the Orange County Regional in Costa Mesa. Game times to coincide with regional events.
Strats: A = 2500+ MPs, B = 500 NLM-2500, C = 0-500 NLM. Points are as of the ACBL June MP reporting cycle.
Pairs that qualify for the national finals receive a subsidy to help defray expenses: $700 p/p for 1st, $500 for 2nd, $300 for 3rd, and $200 for 4th. Read More...

Seventy Percent Club

85.42% MaryEllen Zaske-Eiko Miller, Big Bear B.C., Feb. 9
81.02% Marc Leventhal-Alberto Feilhaber, SOCBC, Feb. 22
78.46% Helene Samuels-Stuart Marks, Laguna Woods B.C., Feb. 9
75.67% Wicker Gamble-Fran White, Goodtime D.B.C., Feb. 27
75.00% Jay Helekar-Paul Chung, Santa Ana B.C., Feb. 19
73.89% Larry Dingle-Nasra Kwentus, SOCBC, Feb. 19
73.67% Gil Stinebaugh-Joan Rubin, Bridge Academy II, Feb. 13
73.51% Dana Taylor-Ed Kurinsky, Laguna Woods B.C., Feb. 7
73.48% Ben Holtman-Helvia Miller, Laguna Woods B.C., Feb. 6
72.98% Robert Horn-Sharon Tobin, Towers D.B.C., Feb. 14
72.44% John Kissinger-Lee Maddocks, SOCBC, Feb. 26
72.03% Don Beck-Tom Small, Lompoc B.C., Feb. 12
72.00% Ginny Welton-Pat McCready, Santa Barbara 499ers, Feb. 15
71.88% Tom Small-John Greer, Lompoc B.C., Feb. 20
71.67% Christina Chapman-Susan Froome, SOCBC, Feb. 6
71.50% Bernie Brown-Millie Brown, Laguna Woods B.C., Feb. 27
71.50% Richard Kremmerer-Carol Kemmerer, Oak Tree B.C., Tehachapi
71.43% Jackie Latta-Ray Latta, Hemet Bridge Club, Feb. 22
71.31% Rick Panter-Mark Bartusek, Santa Barbara B.C., Feb. 21
71.27% Betty Abersold-Nancy Lawson, Harvey’s Bridge, Mar. 19
71.11% Donna Abersman-Frank Frand, SOCBC, Feb. 12
71.00% Ron Ruiz-Sheila Ruiz, Bridge Academy II, Feb. 11
71.00% Denis Lougeay-Jack Scholle, Oceanside, Mar. 18
70.84% Bunny Schmidt-Marilyn Florin, S.D. North County,  Jan. 24
70.77% Kitura Humphrey-Henri Farhi, Laguna Woods B.C., Feb. 14
70.69% Robert Micone-Sherman Gao, Laguna Woods B.C., Feb. 14
70.60% Doris Wheatcroft-Dolores Julickat, Costa Mesa B.C., Mar. 5
70.50% Virginia Hoppe-Milton Fader, Old Town B.C., Feb. 7
70.24% Joseph Eves-Marlene Koerner, Goodtime D.B.C.,  Feb. 22
70.19% Cathy Bauer-Bill Haddad, Laguna Woods B.C., Feb. 17
70.14% Joan Anderson-Fran Schwartz, Laguna Woods B.C., Feb. 24
70.03% Howard Cohen-Mark Peters, Bridge Academy II, Feb. 16
70.00% Charlotte Phillips-Rosemary Drake, Victorville B.C., Jan. 31

Master Solvers Panel

By John Swanson
Lancaster, California

Thanks to panel members Bart Bramley, Dallas, Paul Ivaska, Las Vegas, Mike Lawrence, Brentwood, Tennessee, Jill Meyers, Santa Monica, Alan Mould, United Kingdom, Rick Roeder, San Diego, Jim Tritt, Anaheim, and David Weiss, Fullerton. The problems are from various sources. Read More...