Reminder: Authors, Editors
& Photographers Wanted

By John Grossmann
D17 President

Effective April 2018, the Contract Bridge Forum will become a digital publication. This change is driven by the high cost of printing and publishing. District 17 voted last summer to leave the Western Conference. While there are ongoing discussions with the Western Conference about various scenarios, we are proceeding with our plans. We are looking for a publication editor, authors, photographers.
D17 will offer a multi-platform publication, that can be viewed on desktop, tablet, or smart phone in an easy to read format. Expect to see a print option for articles, ability to post on social media, keyword searches, video, hot links, and lots of technological options available in digital media.
Details are in the previous issue of ScoreCard.
Send me an email with your interests and experience to John Grossmann at Blackstone.co@comcast.net, or call me at 719 233-9464.