District 21 Regionals

By Pam Hughes
D21 Tournament Manager

I’m writing this from beautiful Monterey at the Clambake Regional. It’s always a fantastic tournament, the favorite of many of us. I’m sorry if you weren’t able to attend, but cheer up! There are plenty of other District 21 regionals to enjoy this year.
Next up is Modesto. The last time we were there not many players showed up, but the ones that did had a fabulous time! The DoubleTree Hotel is a great venue for bridge, and it’s right across the street from a three block stretch of restaurants to suit all tastes and budgets. It’s a very short walk, and offers a great variety of dining options.
We’re having some fun and different events in Modesto, including Choice Pairs, where there are actually three sessions to choose from (morning, afternoon, and evening), and you choose which two sessions you want to play in. This creates a bigger field, and more masterpoints! We’ll be offering this format daily for both Open Pairs and Gold Rush Pairs.
The teams games schedule is also a little different. In order to keep the Knockout fields big and create as many brackets as possible, new KOs will start every other day. On the alternating days, we will be holding bracketed Swiss Teams. I think this will keep all the players happy as every event will be well attended, and we won’t be spreading our players too thin between too many events.
Believe it or not, the host hotel in Modesto is already out of bridge rate rooms. I’m going to get busy organizing some overflow options; watch the website (www.d21acbl.com) for these hotels. You could also try finding accommodation online there are many places to stay in Modesto and the online prices seem to be better than the prices I can get from the hotels. It’s at least worth a look at sites like priceline.com and hotels.com
Following Modesto will be the California Capital Regional in Sacramento. As always, it begins on Memorial Day (May 28 this year) and finishes on June 3. This is another very popular tournament. The DoubleTree Sacramento has excellent ballroom space and plenty of it! If you’ve been before, I know you’ll want to come! And if you haven’t attended before, come and see what a wonderful tournament it is. Newer players, all of our regionals have loads of games just for you, so don’t be shy about turning up! It’s fun to play against just your peers (at the club you have to play everyone, at a tournament you can play games where no one has more than 100 points!).
The All-Western Championships are held in Santa Clara at the Hyatt Regency. And, speaking of popular tournaments, this is another one! Silicon Valley has gotten a little spendy, but our room rates are the best you can get in the area. This tournament begins August 28 and winds up on September 3.
Last, but not least, is our Second Annual Reno/Sparks Regional at the Nugget Casino and Resort, another wonderful site with newly renovated ballroom space and sleeping rooms in the Resort Tower. I was surprised how nicely the rooms turned out; they have a very contemporary look with very nice new beds and it’s all fresh feeling.
This Nugget Casino Resort tournament is October 8-14.
(Here’s a tip: if you’re like me and avoid tournaments in casinos because of cigarette smoke, book your room in the Resort Tower. It’s far away from the Casino, and the rooms in the Casino Tower do have a tinge of smokiness due to their proximity to the gaming areas.)
Booking information and schedules are available on the district website, www.d21acbl.com, or if you have questions email me at jmom380@yahoo.com

Happy New Year to all, and I’ll see you soon at our “Upbeat Bridge in a Low Key Atmosphere” regionals.