Ron’s Review

By Ron Lien
District 22 President

District 22 is doing well. Our six successful regionals – Palm Springs NLM (January), Riverside (Super Bowl Week), San Diego (Easter Week), Orange County (Labor Day Week), Ventura (Halloween Week), and Palm Springs (Holiday Season) – had a table count of 9,922 last year which was down 500 from 10,422 in 2016. Through the efforts of Ken Monzingo, Lamya Agelidis and Nancy Erickson, the wonderful Palm Springs Regional was still the second largest regional in the country in 2017 with 3,386 tables. That was down from 3,931 the prior year due to the previous San Diego Fall Nationals, and the following Glendale Regional.

2018 Initiatives

We are working to improve our website, tournaments and governance this year with three new committees:
• The Website and Forum Committee will be exploring ways to improve your online experience. Our transition from this printed and mailed Forum each month to an online version will save the district significant money. The last printed issue will be this April (mailed in late March). The Western Conference will implement an improved online magazine solution with new features, such as all color pages, the ability to print from your computer, enlarged viewing, and links to tournament fliers to name a few. In addition to player access to the online Forum on the District 22, Contract Bridge Forum and Western Conference websites, monthly notifications will be emailed when the current issue is available.
But ACBL Needs Your Correct Email Address
If you don’t currently receive emails from ACBL, please update your member profile so you will get Forum notifications starting in April. Go to www.acbl.org and log in to “MyACBL.” Click on “Update My Contact Information.” Scroll down to “Email Address.” Enter or update your email in the two fields and click the SUBMIT button.
• Our Tournament Committee will be taking a careful look at new hotel contracts that will secure our venues through 2020. We will be sharing best practices among tournament managers. This committee will be overseeing our tournament budget process and exploring ways to control costs without diminishing the experience at our five great regionals.
• The Bylaws Committee will be recommending a number of improvements and clarifications to our existing bylaws. My goal is to bring the changes approved by the District 22 Board to the unit boards to vote on this fall.

Please contact your District 22 board members with suggestions and constructive criticisms. We want to hear from you.