David’s National Dialogue

By David Lodge
National Board Representative

The ACBL Board of Governors (BOG) is a 125 person body composed of five members from each of the 25 ACBL districts. The organization meets for a couple of hours at each of the NABC’s which is when the ACBL Board of Directors (BOD) meets. The BOG has the authority to require that the BOD reconsider any act that the BOD has taken. The BOG also has the ability to recommend an action to be taken by the BOD.
Term Limits As a member of the BOG for the last five years and having attended nearly all the NABCs during that period, I’ve had plenty of opportunities to meet and work with several members of both bodies. I’ve come to realize that for the most part, the members of the BOD are hardworking, smart, caring volunteers who are spending a great deal of time trying to improve the experience for you, our fellow members. That having been said, there is lore about the BOD that it’s a boondoggle with most people there for the perks. This is largely a very incorrect image, but the lack of term limits has tended to further this concept because many BOD members have been on the board for a very long time. I ran for this office based on among other things, the need for term limits. I am pleased to announce that your BOD (before I became a voting member) adopted term limits at its last meeting in San Diego, and while this motion has to be reaffirmed in Philadelphia at the next BOD meeting, it definitely demonstrates that the BOD is moving forward in the right direction.
Big Ideas Bahar Gidwani, the CEO of the ACBL since the middle of last year, is making an impact on our organization. He has presented several BIG IDEAS with thoughtful analyses about problems, the related opportunities and the barriers to improvements. Each BOD member has been asked to express an opinion about and rate the importance of these concepts. The board rated the BIG IDEAS and the top three vote getters were Club Support-Improvement, Volunteer Support and Online Long Term Strategy. These were my top three as well.
While the following may have value, they are not viewed with the same urgent priority: Experts vs “Ordinary Players,” Improve Unit Performance, Partnership, Patron Plan Improvement, School Bridge, Tournament Assistant Handling.