Bill's Back Burner

By Bill Grant
D22 President

We've seen some very nice, big tournaments in our district lately, the most prominent of course being the just-concluded 11,747 ½-table San Diego Fall NABC (not a district undertaking, but chaired by outgoing District 22 Director Ken Monzingo). And we've had two very successful district results: our September Orange County Regional chaired by Ron Lien (co-chair Bob Micone) and our Ventura Halloween Regional chaired by Diane Gunther (co-chair Jan Wickersham).
This was Ron Lien's second regional, and Diane's first! They're both district board members, and I remember being very happy as district tournament chair when they accepted their positions, and even happier (and just slightly proud, as an ex-teacher, for recognizing their potential ☺) when they became so quickly proficient at them.
And now that Nancy Erickson (2016 National Volunteer of the Year) from Indio, Area II, has joined the district board, her work on the Palm Springs Regional (along with Ken and Lamya Agelidis) gives us a total of 4 out of 8 board members involved in running our regionals: Nancy in Palm Springs, Diane in Ventura, Ron in Orange County, and myself (along with Lamya) in San Diego. I don't think that 50% has been matched for at least a couple decades!
Nancy has also been our Youth Bridge representative for several years. She sees the ACBL Educational Foundation's Collegiate Initiative as a terrific opportunity for District 22 to outreach to the large number of higher institutions of learning within our jurisdiction. For those who played in the Ventura Regional, you saw first hand the enthusiasm and expertise of the youth involved. Nancy has championed the Williams brothers for four years and actively lobbied for support of the Harvey Mudd College team, one of the eight schools that competed in the College Word Series of Bridge. (She invites you to contact her – – to share your ideas on how to tap into our youth for the benefit of all of us.)
The recent regional entry fees hike and good attendance has taken us out of the financially red position I reported to you last year, so now we'd like to spend more time and money on membership growth, and finding/supporting more local colleges to participate in the Collegiate Initiative would be a great project. Down here in San Diego, for example, we have USD faculty members Jenny Prairie and Andy Tirrell who would gladly provide help in starting a team if some district players were interested in taking the lead. How about a college team in each of our four areas?
As I write this, the huge Palm Springs Regional is about to start, and I wish Ken, Lamya and Nancy the greatest success ... and to everyone: Happy Holidays!

[Editor's note: At the Palm Springs Regional board meeting Ron Lien of Brea was elected 2018 District 22 President. Bill Grant was elected vice president, and David Lodge, who is the 2018 District Director, will remain treasurer for the moment. Jim Parks remains D22 Secretary, and Andy Loh is the new district recorder. Deb Cameron takes over as tournament coordinator following the retirement of Betty Bratcher.]