Anaheim 513

By Ron Lien

We’ve just finished playing at the well-run San Diego Nationals at the Hyatt. Several of our players participated winning points: including Subba Ravipudi, Wei Pei, Jody Couch, Steve Sturm, Marlys Haraden, Greg Thorpe, Steve Hirsch, Tim Applegate, Bob Rubin, Linda and Brian Trent, Kristin St. Clair, Salim Bhmiji, Gina and Rolland Otto, Yas Takeda, Larry Shannon, Carol Hellebrand, Harry Sacks, Hayim Ninyo, Sherman Gao, Louis Shen, Rai Osborne, Kenneth Agress and Ron Lien.
We invite you to attend one of our club games. The Anaheim Unit is generously promoting special games several times a month by covering all the added card fees. So STACs, unit games, charity games etc. have the same card fees as regular games, but more MPs.
Every fourth Monday of the month at Mike’s game will be a unit game. Mike’s Monday 7:00 p.m. game is located in Lemon Park, at 701 South Lemon, Fullerton. Art’s Wednesday game starts at 11:30 a.m. at the Anaheim Senior Center, 150 East Center Drive, Anaheim.
Club game winners in November included Greg Thorpe - Steve Hirsch, Harry Sacks - Hayim Ninyo, Steve Hirsch - Tim Applegate, Art Linderman - Greg Holoboski, Beverly Linday - Jody Couch (2), Alfred Schekman - Larry Kong, and Jim Culbertson - Gertrud McLachlan (2).
Calling all full-time college students who regularly play bridge in Southern California. Please ask them to apply for the Gayle Andrews $1,000 bridge scholarship. For an application form contact me at

Bakersfield 514

By Mimi Stull

We want to wish you all a Happy and Healthy New Year!

The new year, 2018, will bring some changes to our unit. Beginning January 8, we will no longer have a game on Thursday. This game has been moved to Monday where there will be two sections ... an open game and a 499er game. Weekday games will begin at noon. Shirley’s lessons ($10) will be moved to Monday. They will begin at 9:45 a.m. The unit games will be the second and fourth Saturday, depending on room availability. Saturday games will begin at 10:00 a.m.,” announced Patti Young, president.
There were 17 tables at our annual unit meeting and Holiday Party. Among the awards announced were Mini-McKenney and Ace of Clubs. Top percentage in the open game, 75.43%, was won by Bruce Maclin - David Priest. In the Intermediate game Fred Carlisle - Christine Romanini had a top score of 72.62%. High point winners in the unit games were: Bob Giragosian (A); Lee Mizrahi (B); and Judy Mosely (C). The most games played, 148, was by Rebel Pilshaw. Each award winner received a free play. Patti announced the changes on the unit board as well.
“Christine Moore will be our new president. Others on the unit board include new members Linda Wong, Julie Cesare, Sandy Denison, who join Cecily Kay, Teri Jones, Nancy Frisbee, Marlyn Everett, Patti Young, Tim Prince, treasurer, and Shirley Eide, club manager,” she said.
There were two sections at our Holiday Party ... an open game of 11 ½ tables, and an Intermediate game of six tables. First overall in the open section were Libbie Stull - Mimi Stull followed by: Barbara Moore - Diann-Lowder; Julie Cesare - Sarah Kelly; Bob Giragosian - Bruce Maclin; Maynard Denison - Sandy Denison; Marlyn Everett - Judy Mosley; Marty Hinds - Wafik Abdou; Ann Miller - Grace Tanner; GeorgeAnn Kerley - Dene Ferris; Connie Bruce - Nancy Frisbee; Rubae Griffin - Nada Nuanez - Byrum; and Jerry Schmidt - Carol Burdick.
There were six tables in the Intermediate group. First overall were Judy Marchbanks-Jan Dovichi followed by: Olly & Jim Blom; Chris Romanini - Cheryl Blair; Linda Wong-Sharon Runyan; Tim Prince - Karen Cooley; and George Kieke - Jack Romain.
Congratulations to all!
Several members attended the recent NABC tournament in San Diego. They are Wafik Abdou, Marty Hinds, Bob Giragosian, Carreen Hinds, Jerry Schmitt, Mike & Mary Wells, Shirley Eide, Sandy Kiessel, and Maynard & Sandy Denison.
There were no unit games in November. Top winners in the Intermediate games were Jack Romain - Esther Dougherty, Fred Carlisle - Bob Campbell - Taylor, and Rebel Pilshaw - George Kieke. Marty Hinds - Wafik Abdou had a 73.61% game. Cecily Kay - Julie Cesare, are C players who were 1st overall in an open game.
Congratulations to Sue Kelly who made both Life Master and Bronze Life Master at the Ventura Regional. Congrats to others who have gone up in rank: new Junior Masters, Dr. Dorothy Heide and George Kieke; new Club Master, Laurie Osborn; new NABC Master, Julie Cesare; and new Bronze Life Master, Barbara Moore.
Even though ACBL has not banned fragrances, in consideration of those with allergies, we thank those who have ceased wearing perfumes, colognes, and lotions with strong scents. Besides nasal and skin allergies, fragrance allergies can trigger migraine headaches.
Mark your calendars for the January schedule. There will be no game on Monday January 1. Our last Thursday game will be on January 4. The Junior Fund game ($6.00) will be held Monday thru Wednesday, January 8-10 plus Saturday, January 13. Unit games will be held on Saturday, January 13, and January 27. If you need a partner, call the director of the day or call Shirley Eide at 661 205-2439.
The difference between genius and stupidity at the bridge table, is that genius has its limits! –Eddie Kantar


By Phil Pearl

Starting with the latest membership news, Xuejun Wang is our new member, and Maureen Brown and Frank Olson are reinstated members. The following have transferred into the Balboa Unit: Maureen Brown from Santa Ana, Gladys Buller from Colorado Springs, Joan Cassani from Long Beach, Ann Glover from Palm Springs, Terri Kiyota from La Jolla Beach, Eli Korisky from Florida, and Walter Schafer, Jr. from Santa Ana. Welcome aboard.
The following members have transferred out: Orilla Blampied to San Mateo, Brenda Currie to South Orange County, Sherman Gao to Saddleback, Jonda Hazzard to Saddleback, and Nunzio Martorina to Saddleback.
Advancement in rank: Cynthia Bahti, George Bahti, and Ray Unsal to Club Master; Gloria Brodie and Elaine Gunther to Sectional Master; Betti Harris to Ruby Life Master; Buddy Carls and Leo Fishman to Gold Life Master; David Wakeman to Sapphire (3500) Life Master.
Congratulations to all.
On November 15 at the STAC game at J & J Bridge Club, Joan Kaye and Marcia Vaughn scored a whopping 74.54% game which placed them 1st in the D22/D23 STAC for that day. It is estimated that maybe one more trick may have put them in the Giant Game column in the Bridge Bulletin.
I played six days at the NABC in San Diego. It was a great tournament at a great site. Ken Monzingo and his co-chaiman Bonnie Bagley did a great job, as did Jim Andrews at the partnership desk (as usual). The only complaint I heard, to which I agree, was how cold it was in the playing areas. It was heartening to see the number of players from the Balboa Unit in attendance, especially those members in the the lower rankings striving to gather those red and gold points they needed.
The Balboa Christmas Party-unit game was held December 3 at the Costa Mesa Country Club. There were two sections of 13 tables each, and the players feasted on salmon or chicken afterward. Strat A event leaders: Verna Baccus - Marilyn Christy (72.37%), Sally and Joe Murphy (68% and Joe’s annual outing at a bridge game), Jerry Schreider - Walter Schafer Jr, Judith Jones - Wayne Rapp, and Nunzio Martorina - Charyl May. Strat B event leaders: Jones - Rapp, Lee Johnson - Fred Dyle, Robert and Layne Onufer, Carol Pangburn - Sallie Jac Schafer, and Renee Alpert - Joan Kaye. Strat C event leaders: The Onufers, Donna North - Sandra Dodge, Michael and Laura Brooks, and Bonnie O’Donnell - Joyce Jack.
The incoming 2018 board members were introduced. In my next column, I will list the 2018 board and the elected officers.

Coronado/Eastlake 519

By Jean Seager

The Fall NABC in San Diego was grand fun, featuring bridge players from all over the world, high-level competition, and, of course, our San Diego hospitality. We hope you had a chance to participate and to admire the sunsets over Point Loma between games.
Thank you to all who volunteered at the tournament. Jim and Shay Andrews ran the partnership desk, a huge job that entailed not only finding appropriate partners for bridge players day and night over a period of 11 days, but also recruiting volunteers to staff the desk. Some of those included John and Linda Dusharme, John Lagodimos and Carol Brager. Marge van Hemert took charge of the local corps of caddies. Our president John Dusharme wrote a wonderful, informative article about the unit for the Daily Bulletin. We can’t wait until the next time we welcome the NABC to our city.
At the Eastlake Bridge Club, Barbara Schafer continued her winning ways, notching two victories with Linda Dusharme and one with Hiroko Kitamura. Manu Chaganlal and Jim Ciolli were standouts, winning twice in the same day and placing 1st in B and C in the STAC. Other winners were Anisuz Zaman and Hideki Kitamura, John and Linda Dusharme, Mariane Amantea and Laurie Dodson, Carol Eklund and Dan Bloch, Manu Chaganlal and Lou Block, and Greg Wetz and John Lagodimos. Also victorious were Tom Turner and Roy Shepard, Cathy Crail and John Lagodimos, Kalpana and Kamal Parikh, Kathy Revello and Janet Booth, and Laurie and Kathy Angione.
In Coronado, Phil Akre was a three-time winner, twice with Tom Herzog and once with Norma Lyerly. Also victorious were Marguerite Cook and Dick Palmer and Adele Gerstenhaber and Wally Augustin. Total masterpoints awarded in September were 63.22 to 36 different players. In November the total was 31.6 masterpoints by 27 different members. Top earners were Judy Deans and Ginger Herrick with 6.61. Other big winners were Jean and Bill Seager with 4.7 and John Malskis with 4.35.
A hearty congratulations is extended to Jim Andrews for becoming a Diamond Life Master with 5000 masterpoints. Quite a noteworthy accomplishment.

Desert Cities 533

By Nancy Erickson

Happy New Year, Unit 533!

Our Holiday Party and unit game was a great success. Delicious food, great give-away baskets added to the merriment. Election Chair Ron Erickson introduced five of the seven talented and qualified candidates for next year’s unit board. In the open game the following pairs were successful:1st overall David & Nance Lodge N/S; 1st E/W Marilyn Loesberg & Martin Blain Section B; 1st N/S section A Brenda Keller & Shirley Fitterman and 1st E/W Section A Janice Randle & Joanne Wiley. Winning pairs in the 499ers were 1st overall Richard Kier & Mac Becket E/W and 1st N/S - Chaya Venkat & Lloyd Hanford. Rich and Mac posted a 74.31% game!
Speaking of winners, congratulations are in order for Ross Grabel, Unit 533’s top masterpoint winner at the San Diego Fall NABC. Neil Stern and Jim Weeks placed 3rd in the 0-5K Blue Ribbon Pairs.
It is unofficial, but according to my sources Jane Skinner and Sue Blom achieved their Life Master and David Lodge his Gold Life Master. The promotions at the end of this article are those reported to us by ACBL.
Formal notice of the annual meeting and unit game to be held on Sunday, January 28, is posted on the unit’s website, and at all clubs. Members should have received an email communication with all the pertinent information.
The Town Hall Meeting, From a Vision to Reality – The Duncan Bridge Center, on December 6 was well received by those in attendance. For up-to-date game information, please check the Game Schedule on the unit’s website. For all the latest news that’s fit to print, please go to our website. Your Forum reporter needs to finish shopping for Christmas before the Palm Springs Regional, so this article is brief.
Speaking of the regional, I hope you all were in the audience when four of our members were named to the ACBL Aileen Osofsky and District 22 Goodwill Committees. We congratulate Bev Hartin, Ron Erickson, Mick Riccio and Jane Patchett.
Notice: Non-Life Masters with up to 750 MP – your tournament begins Thursday, January 18. Head to the Pavilion in Palm Springs for the NLM Regional, then mine for gold!
Don’t forget: Guy Monroe will teach Defense in the 21st Century, Heart Series, at Duncan Bridge Center Thursdays from January 11 through March 1. This series is sponsored by Unit 533 and CVBF. For more information and reservations contact Guy at guy@bridgewithmonroes.comor 541 264-5708.
Rank promotions as reported by ACBL are: Gold LM David Kane; Silver LM Deanna Abend, LM Midori Saito, Regional Master Marilyn Blintz, Sectional Master Tony Stevens and Junior Masters Phyllis Coosaia, Suzie Layne Carr, Mark Smith and Beverly Teel.
Welcome the following new members: Roderick Britt, Cathy Hemm, Shirley McManus, Marylee Murphy and Henry Vawter.
Hey, Pitt Bull! We miss you at the tables, and just want you to know you are in our thoughts.

La Jolla/Beaches 526

By Skipbid

Our November 12 unit game was won 1st overall by Henri Fahri and Kit Humphrey. Stephen and Jill Seagren won Flight B, and Flight C was taken by Sharyn Pyrz and Robert Givens. Our fourth Sunday game on November 26 was not held out of respect for the (very enjoyable and successful!) 2017 San Diego Fall NABC held downtown at the Manchester Grand Hyatt.
The unit is very happy to welcome the following new members: Jalil Ahmad, Marguerite Bartels, Susan Fakhimi, James Fraser, Lawrence Gratt, Joanne Leibovitz, James Mann, W. H. Pierce, and Bonnie Rose.
We also wish to congratulate the following members on their advancement in ACBL rank: new Junior Masters – Barbara Elliott and Mary Lisiecki; new Club Master – Charmaine Del Principe and Anne Graves; new Sectional Master – Barbara Klein; and new NABC Master – Patricia Sheldon. Great job, all! (And everyone in the last two paragraphs please refer to this column for a free play in December or January.)
[Ed. Note: Skipbid won the Fall NABC 10K Pairs!]

Lompoc 528

By Lynley Bernau

Christmas time is here by golly, and it’s tough to write the report at this time of year. It will be “Happy New Year!” just after everyone gets this. Hope all bridge players and their families have a wonderful Holiday Season. May everyone return at the beginning of the year with much enthusiasm.
Our table numbers have improved in November. John and Judy Greer are back for the winter. Also Ron Peterson who plays regularly in our Thursday night game. It’s lovely to have them. Also Trudy Bailin and Helen Young are playing regularly again, and Irma Gadway has joined us more frequently. We are so happy to have them all. Our group improves as the numbers increase.
The winners for the month of November, and the end of October are: Malcolm Anderson, Trudy Bailin, Ada Bakalar (5), Don Beck, Suzanne Bubabin (2), Helen Bundgen, Gennine D’Ambra, Sarah Flinkinshelt (3), Joyce Gehlhaar (2), Jo Gowenlock (2), John Greer, Tom Hodges, Barbara Holt, Jim Kelly, Tom Olmsted (2), Nelson Owens, (3), Mike Petersen (3), Lynn Porter (2), Mike Scavone (3), Nick Sehgal (2), Tom Small (3). Congratulations to all. I hope I have not overlooked anyone, I was disorganized this month.
It was very nice having the Solvang ladies, Helen Bundgen and Gennine D’Ambra join us a couple of times on Tuesdays, we do hope they come back. Marg Flack is also back playing regularly after travels and visiting her family.
We welcome all ... and please keep coming.
We plan a Christmas luncheon in mid December which is always fun.
Happy Holidays to all, and may 2018 bring good health, good games, and happiness to all. Bye til next year.

Riverside 537

By Nancy Alvarado

With the approach of New Year’s, it is time to think about resolutions – those important changes that become our goals for the coming year. My bridge goals are to solidify last year’s advances and continue learning to visualize the opponents’ distribution – and above all – to make fewer mistakes! Our club will surely be setting goals too. Now that we have placed ourselves on a sounder financial footing, it is time to build membership. There are several ways we can all help this effort. Most of us are already playing as often as we can find time, so playing more isn’t a viable option. But we can invite a friend. On Tuesdays, anyone bringing a friend (someone new to the club) will receive a free play for you both. This includes new pairs dropping by to check us out. We can also reach out to those whose partners are temporarily out of action. Call and invite the stranded partner to play with you. For example, when Diana broke her foot, Bob Ritzau still had two good hands and feet to hold his cards and count his points with. Don’t wait to be called by Teri, reach out yourself. Ask “Who haven’t I seen for a while” and give them a call. Finally, join and support the unit board. They need new ideas for publicizing and growing our club – your suggestions can help.
Our Thanksgiving Party on November 19, always a highlight of the year, brought grateful reminders of why we play. Hint: the wonderful food is only part of it. N/S winners were Fern Thomson - Cynthia Sommer, Emoke Gaspar - Diana Garber, Anne Newman - Wannie Johnson. E/W winners were: Mona Busick - Sadhna Joshi, Steven Tinling - Chris Marin, Clint Pooley - Carma Pooley. We are always happy when a holiday arrives because it brings back Robert Davis during the school break. November 14 was District 22/23 STAC day.
Club winners were: Nancy Alvarado - Doreen Grant, Michel Tuszewski - Paul Caslavka, Sadhna Joshi - Mary Ann Braden, Fern Thomson - Norton Younglove, Jerry Schlig - Sharon Spencer, Tony Mascari - Pat Mascari. Paul and Michel won additional silver in the overalls. Kudos to Linda Pearce and Denton Anderson ... who have been “playing up” on Fridays, with no ill effects. Wednesday players are always welcome at the other games.
Many of us played in the San Diego Fall NABC, but the high point of the tournament was the celebration in Old Town over a pitcher of Cointreau margaritas! Competing teams sat at one long table and congratulated each other for their respective victories, or buried their sorrows in fine Mexican food. Bipin led us in singing Happy Birthday, but no one would admit their age. That’s how memories are made!

Saddleback 525

By Robert Micone

The new year is almost upon us and after reviewing the many accomplishments by unit members, it turned out to be a pretty good year – for unit members, for membership, and for anticipation of our big February Sectional coming up next month at Clubhouse 7. Locally, the November unit game was won handily by Judy Elbogen and Steve Sturm, who wrapped up a 66% victory in a big field. Good job again for these two.
In other highlights, we just completed the San Diego and NABC held at the beautiful Manchester Grand Hyatt Hotel on the waterfront. That hotel is so big and spacious, and well air conditioned, and well lit (I might add), that the biggest problem we had was finding friends, relatives, and partners among 4700 attendees. In total, almost 100,000 masterpoints were won by the attendees. Although no new national awards were earned from our local unit, Marjorie Michelin and Ellis Feigenbaum were 1st in the opening Knockout Bracket 1 regional event, the toughest bracket of all. Good job. The ever-present team of Al Tuckman, Jacob Weisberg, Neil Nabuo Ogura, and Wayne Gorski chalked up another win in the Monday-Tuesday regional Knockout Bracket 3. My recollection is that this team won four Knockouts this year without changing any player assignments. Wow, that’s consistency.
Another winner was new player Monique Thomas, who played on the winning team in the Knockout Bracket 2. Again, any win in a field that big means that people are playing at their best.
While the Fall National is over, the next thing to look forward to (after the Palm Springs Regional) is the Riverside Regional in February and the San Diego Regional in late March. Both events are 10:30 and 3:15 daylight schedules, which should please aging bridge players over 39 years old. It certainly pleases me.
We welcome also new players Jeremy Chao and Peggy Moore. And congratulate the following ... new Junior Masters: Linda Burstein, Jerilyn Getson, and Betty Grissom; new Club Master: Patrick McKenzie; new Sectional Masters: Natalie Fennel and William O’Dowd; new Advanced NABC Master: May Mengstab; new Gold Life Master: Xiaoxue Walker.
Until next month, when we may have some highlights on the winners of the December Christmas parties and perhaps some early Mini-McKenney winter information, I wish you Wonderful Holidays, and see you at the bridge table.
My best, Robert Micone.

San Diego 539

By Larry Sherman

sSan Diegans witnessed a plethora of pedestrians walking around downtown carrying bridge convention cards a few weeks ago. Confidential inside sources have shared with me exclusive information that there was some sort of tournament held at the Manchester Grand Hyatt just after Thanksgiving. Waiters at nearby eateries served dinner plates between hand records while customers discussed the merits of one contract versus the other. Similar exchanges took place aboard San Diego Trolley cars transporting players back home.
Additional information has been gathered showing that Unit 539 members Martha Woodworth and Ron Kay (along with his partner Bill Grant from the La Jolla Unit), won NABC rated events. Unit 539 President Lamya Agelidis served as liaison, and spearheaded the volunteer efforts that evidently contributed to the event proceeding smoothly. I am told by unnamed sources that if the Welcome Desk was open, that is where you could find her. Many Unit 539 members stepped forward to assist at the Welcome and Partnership Desks. Did any of you hear about this tournament?
Unit 539 will be celebrating the Holidays and welcoming in the New Year at its Holiday Party Sunday, January 7, beginning at 11:30 a.m. For all of the details and to find out whether you have qualified to eat and play for free at the Soledad Club, visit our website at to review the flyer and the attendance list of players at our 2017 unit games.
As the New Year approaches, visit to read about bridge New Year’s Resolutions for 2018. One sample of what you will find comes from John Evans: “Other than excessive pre-game drinking, aggressive and arrogant behavior towards opponents, insulting the director and then lecturing beginners with a class on ethics I really can’t think of anything right now…”
We like to listen to comments from our members so that we can improve your experience playing with us. One recent observation was a need to include newer/Non-Life Master players on the unit board. Towards that end, if you are such a player and have a passion for volunteering (the pay is not great and don’t ask the boss for a raise, but there are benefits), feel free to approach any of our board members.
The first Sunday unit event was a charity game dedicated to Meals on Wheels. Winners in the 17 table open game in Flights A and B were Linda Gu - Tom Herzog. Chris Hastie - Dan Koppenhafer won the C strat. We attracted six tables to the 999er game, which was won by Deepak Vora - Vinod Kapila. Finishing 1st in Flight B were Ken Ridler - Steve Haine, while Dorothy Purcell - Joan Segal won C.
The second Sunday open game attracted 22 tables. Winners in Flights A and B were Lamya Agelidis - Larry Sherman. Barbara Augustine and Brian Castle won the C strat. We attracted five tables to the 999er game, which was won by Lois Hausman - Patrick Chen. Finishing in a tie for 1st in Flight B were Nira Levy - Harry Arora and Paul Dubois - Richard Hseih, while Vicki Mogilner - Sally Thomas won C. 76% of our unit membership qualify to play in our 999er games. We truly would like you to come play, and in order to encourage attendance at the 999er games, we offer a special deal; for $30.00 you can purchase four unit game entries ($40.00 value) plus a $5 discount at our next sectional tournament game. Come on, 999ers, that’s $45.00 of value for just $30.00.
We are happy to announce that some new Master milestones have been reached by Unit 539 members: Junior: Joy Brown, Liliane Chalom, Jerome Parmer, and Jonathan Stein; Club: Brian Castle, Mary Hall, and Mary Hartley; Sectional: Martha Berner, Jeanne Hurwitz, and Art Thompson; Regional: Roberta Vanwart; Bronze: Lynn Hull; Gold: John Boackle, Jr., Michael Mezin, and Linda Willingham. Our awards chairperson, Carolyn Casey, will be in contact to offer a free play at any of our unit games during a three month window.
Club News: Adventures in Bridge ( Check out the website. Game results are posted quickly and there’s a description of all the available games and lessons.
The San Diego Bridge Club ( offers a weekly game every Tuesday at 10:30 a.m. Winners from November included Ursala Pardo - Gigette Caldwell, Bob Walters - Bob Shapley, and Florence Seltzer - Marty Bloomberg. The club’s improved lighting and repainted walls should be completed by mid December. The club will feature a quarterly club championship game on December 26.
San Diego Bridge Academy ( and Redwood Bridge Club Check out the websites for game results, descriptions of all the available games and lessons.
21st Century Bridge Club meets every Thursday evening at 6:30 p.m. at the Redwood Bridge Club. This sanctioned game is run by Betty Riedler, who can be reached at 619 276-3476 or with any questions or partnership requests.

San Diego North County Coastal 531

By Rick Gold

Congratulations to Eddie Rose and Ann Gillespie for nabbing 1st in our unit game last month. The NLM section was won by Heidi Kuhn and Irma Maston with a 73% game. Well done! At our November Oceanside Sectional Jay Patel won the most number of masterpoints. Joe Houde ... who will be the incoming vice president of the 2018 Unit 531 board ... won the 3rd most masterpoints.
Joe Houde and Maria Marshall shall be joining the 2018 board. Rick Gold has agreed to be president. The other members of the board are Gene Katz, Loraine Gordon, Louise Manganelli and Joan Kroener.
We are also fortunate that there are others not on the board who help the unit. Tasks that are done by others are helping to buy and set up food for events, manage the unit website and manage the money the unit takes in and spends.
Please welcome new/transfers members into Unit 531: David Godfrey, Judith Scholle, Kathleen Sernesi, Judith Smith, Robert Smith and Don Thomas. Look forward to seeing you at the bridge table.
Russell Hansen has achieved Junior Master. Sandra Parish has achieved Life Master. At the Life Master level, Leo Carney has turned Silver. Rick Norton has achieved the lofty level of Diamond Life Master and is a past president of Unit 531. When you see the above at the table, please join me in congratulating them for attaining their individual milestones.
Cardiff by the Sea: Harvey Goldstein
We had great news at our last game of the month. Carey Simkin needed less than three points to achieve her Life Master. We had a club championship game and she sparkled and came in first in her section and received more than 3 ½ points. She is the first person to actually achieve Life Master at our game in the eleven years we have been running the game. Carey has worked hard toward achieving her new status. She was a late joiner to ACBL, so she needed to have 500 points to qualify. Qualify she did. She did it in record time with the help of her husband Berny, who is a few points from his Silver Life Master. They make a very formidable pair and besides all that, they are delightful people. Congratulations, Carey ... you did good.
We also had another new Life Master who plays in the Monday game regularly. Irene Sowle achieved her status during the month. She is a wonderful person who plays a very nice game and keeps the idea that it is just “a game.” She had a goal and set out to achieve it, and that’s exactly what she did. Good things happen to good people, and Irene is just that. Congratulations, Irene ... you did good, too!
Our annual membership game was played during the month, and was very well attended. Abe Gleiberman and Arlene Traub Simon took the 1st place honors with a 66% game, which earned them just under seven masterpoints each for their sparkling effort. In our quarterly club championship game Mary Ballin and Stan Rabin walked away with the 1st place honors and the crown with a 64% game and an award of five masterpoints. Of special mention this past month, we had two players who were 1st place finishers twice and each time it was with a different partner. Pat Astier did it with Ruth Aronsohn and then did it with Irene Howard. Jon Lelevier did it first with Steven Reid and then did it again with Jeff Leach. It is not easy to have several wins in a month, but to do it twice with different partners is something special.
Have a wonderful Holiday Season. It is a great time of the year, enjoy it.
Encinitas: Ida Burcham
Who would have thought that running a small game of 21 ½ tables would be as much work as running a large game of 36 to 40 tables? We stayed open during the Nationals. We had three sections of 7, 7, and 7 ½ tables. Two of the sections were for the Non-Life Masters. It took forever for the open section to finish their 28 boards. We did get a late start, but it was almost dark at the end of the game. Tim Flaherty topped the masterpoint list for the regular club games. Dan Beck and David Ingraham came in 1st overall in our charity game. It was that game where they won six points that put David Ingraham over the 1000 point barrier into Silver Life Master.
Fallbrook: Fran White
This month in Fallbrook we are saddened with the passing of Marilyn Rumsey. Marilyn was the founder of Fallbrook bridge in the ’70s. She built the game from 1 table to 15 tables over the years. She taught many players the game as well. After Marilyn retired 12 years ago, she enjoyed playing bridge every Monday and Thursday. In the month of November Marilyn won the last two games she played!
On a brighter note, this month George Wilkenson and Dave Bloomenburg were big winners at the Nationals. They scored a 1st over all win in Gold Rush Pairs for over 20 gold points.
Oceanside West: Ida Burcham
This is going to be a really easy report. Because of the NABC in San Diego I made all the games in November Open Pairs games except for one charity game. There was a four-way tie on Tuesday for the top of the regular club masterpoints. Rick Gold, Joe Houde, Harvey Goldstein and David Ingraham all shared the top honors. David made Silver Life Master. On Monday, it was the women’s turn to lead. Jane Felder was all by herself. Hanan Deeby and Bernard Figueiredo came in 1st overall in our Monday charity game, and Rick Gold and Joe Houde took out everyone at the Tuesday charity game. In one of our Open Pairs games on November 21, Joe Houde and Rick Gold had a 75% game going into the last round. As fate would have it they fell below 75%, but still had a 74% plus game. That isn’t easy.

San Diego North County Inland 549

By Dorothea Williams

Happy Holidays to Everyone! May your season be filled with memory-making bridge events and lots of masterpoints!

Now that the NABC is over and has become “just a memory,” although studded with emotion-laden wins and losses to be sure – it will more importantly, for everyone who attended, forever be a pleasant memory of meeting and re-meeting friendly bridge-playing people from all around the country. Many of our Unit 549 members came away with gold and red points and proud memories of having competed among some of the best players in the country in their individual categories. Congratulations to all these players – you know who you are!
Unit 549 board elections at the November game resulted in wins for those running for positions and produced the following roster for the 2018 board of directors: Art Foeste, Jill Roberts, Trish Frinell, John Coulombe, Hazel Turner, Ken Matson, Sheila Latus, Barbara White, and Dorothea Williams. One unexpected vacancy will be filled by appointment. Anyone interested in volunteering should contact Dorothea Williams at
Special Event: The Unit 549 Winter Sectional is Friday and Saturday, January 26 and 27. There will be open, NLM, and Swiss Teams events both days. Silver points will be awarded in every event. Games are at 10:00 and 2:30 both days. Coffee and snacks will be provided free of charge, and a lunch will be available for purchase. Non-Life Masters can play for $5.00 with the discount coupon, which is available on the tournament flyer (a printable copy is available on our website – see address below). This game will be held at the Lake San Marcos Conference Center located at 1105 La Bonita Drive, Lake San Marcos. The games are $11.00 per session for ACBL members and $14.00 per session for unpaid or non-members. Go to Unit 549’s website for partnerships, to sign-up, to get the discount coupon, and to see results.
You will delighted to hear that our Annual Toy Drive in November received dozens and dozens of assorted toys, games, and plush animals, plus $710.00 in card fees and cash donations for the Interfaith Community Services “Adopt a Family” program in Escondido. The board sends a very big Thank You to everyone for their generous support on behalf of this very worthy local charity.
In November, the top four winners in each direction of the open section were as follows: N/S – Barbara Lemke & Penny Berman, Norman Schwartz & Robert Schork, Andrew & Patricia Loh, and Art Foeste & Jill Roberts. E/W – Tim Flaherty & Alex Fowlie, Scott Nelson & William Grant, Jean Jantz and Doris Nizzi, and Hazel Turner & Ken Matson.
The top winners in each direction of the NLM Section were: N/S – Fred Kaufman & Katherine Wilke, Ben Moraine & Harry Arora, Judy Friedman & Verena Hommel. E/W – John Coulombe & Dorothea Williams, Nancy & Julie Watkins. Congratulations to all!
Welcome new members to Unit 549: Melvin Cohn, Frances Huettinger, Harshad Vora, Anne Schafer, Dr. William Schafer, Mindy Tremblay, and James Turlow. Welcome returning members: Dr. Paul Woody, and Evelyn Kepler.
Members achieving new levels of achievement: new Junior Masters – James Brown, and David Valiulis. New Club Masters – Geraldine Jones, and Pamela Molthen. New NABC Masters – Gerald Asbury, and Kennett Patrick. New Silver Life Master – Nikki Gilberg.
Unit 549 Congratulates all of the above for achieving these new levels of excellence and awards them a free play at the next unit game.
Bridge Club of North County
Patrons of our club are familiar with the current hassles regarding parking. While we don’t have an end date for the final repaving efforts, an end is actually in sight! Meanwhile, the club remains open, but the main entrance is not accessible. There is an alternate entrance about 50 feet south, just before the entrance to the Book Store. There are directional signs to guide you. Since, during the re-paving process, the BCNC parking spaces remain unavailable, you will need to park on the street. This may have an impact on your usual arrival time, so, to avoid being late, you should plan for a few extra minutes to find parking and walk to the club.
January games at BCNC are megapoint and charity games supporting the Junior Fund and membership. There will be two club championship games – Monday, January 1 and Thursday, January 11. Saturdays in January are Barometer games (except the 27th, when we close for the unit Winter Sectional in San Marcos).
The membership game on Friday, January 12, will also be the BCNC’s Third Anniversary Party. The club will provide lunch for all players that day. Morning game players are invited to stay for lunch and afternoon players are encouraged to arrive early so that everyone can enjoy their lunch and we can still get the 12:30 game started on time. Reservations are required for this game to enable the club to get a head count for the caterer. Please sign up at the club, call BCNC at 760 807-9396, or send an email to with your reservation request.
Monday, January 22, will be Volunteer Appreciation Day. This is a very special day organized to honor our wonderful volunteers without whom the club could not operate. Remember, we are a non-profit organization relying entirely on volunteers to keep the club operating. Volunteers will play free on this day. Everyone is invited to come help us celebrate our volunteers, and enjoy a free catered lunch that will be served by the club at 11:45. Game starts at the regular time of 12:30. Reservations are required for this game to enable the club to get a head count for the caterer. Please sign up at the club, call BCNC at 760 807-9396, or send an email to with your reservation request.
Good News/Bad News: Since most of our newbies who have been playing in the Thursday afternoon Newcomer game have graduated into the Wednesday morning 0-99 game, we have temporarily suspended the newcomer game until there is enough interest from our current classes to restart that game. Isn’t it wonderful that these new bridge players are moving up the ladder of success?!
Alert! We’ll be closed on Monday, December 25 (Christmas). On Friday, January 26, we will be open for the morning 499er game, but closed for the afternoon and all day Saturday the 27th for the Unit 549 Winter Sectional.
Check the Calendar for exact dates of the various club games and activities. Go to to find everything you need to know about bridge at the club. The address is 2320 So. Escondido Blvd., Escondido. Phone 760 807-9396, email: Feel free to contact the club regarding club programs, special games, and partnership help.
Where are You? Of the 411 members of our Unit 549, 71% are players with less than 500 masterpoints, who are also not Life Masters. Many of these players don’t play in clubs because of the intimidation factor. However, there is good news for anyone who feels this way and who would like to enjoy a friendly, non-intimidating environment in which to hone their bridge skills. We have the perfect environment for you! Every Wednesday at 9:00 there is a 0-99 game. This game is a gentle introduction to the world of duplicate bridge. We even do a little instructing. On Monday and Friday mornings at 9:00 we have 0-499 games for players with intermediate skill levels. If you’ve been playing party bridge and are looking for something a bit more challenging, or just need to refresh your bridge skills, these games may be just what you’re looking for! Come and join us. Cost is $8.00 and includes coffee, tea, and snacks. Contact Vic Pitcock at to sign up or if you need help finding a partner.
New! Easybridge!1 classes will begin on Saturday, January 6, at 9:00. This series of lessons consists of 15 weekly sessions of 20-30 minutes of instruction followed by two hours of assisted play. The total cost is $149.00, which includes the lesson book (a $12.00 value), and a free make-up session for any class missed. Hazel Turner, a Life Master and ACBL certified Easybridge! Instructor will be presenting this class. To enroll, please contact Hazel at For more information and directions to the club, visit our website at
Top five open players for November: Sue Compton, Dan Higgins, Al Nadel, Bunny Schmidt, and Marilyn Florin.
Top Five 0-499 players for September: Bejai Higgins, Lindy Patrick, Bruce Hanson, Ken Patrick, and Dorothea Williams. Congratulations to all of these winning players.
Lake San Marcos Duplicate Bridge Club
All of our January games will earn megapoint awards.
Top 5 Open Players for November: John Sharron, Jr., Rima Sharron, Pat Hawkins, Jean Holt, and Art Foeste. Top 5 Non-Life Master players for November 0-499: Susan Cronenwett, Lynne Jaseph, Sandy Hirstich, Marc Beardsley, and Wallace McCoy.
Reminder: Lake San Marcos Duplicate Bridge Club games are at Lake San Marcos Pavilion, 1105 La Bonita Drive. This is the same location as the unit games. The Wednesday game starts at 10:30, snacks and coffee are provided. Players are asked to bring a bag lunch if they desire. The cost is $7.00. For further information call John at 760 751-0406, or Nina at 760 736-9386.
ACBL Ramona Duplicate Bridge
Congratulations are in order for the Ramona Bridge Club players who placed in the overall STAC week in November. Actual silver MPs awarded are published at Well done, everyone. Obviously, you’ve all been practicing your lessons!
Thursday Open Pairs: Hazel & Alan Turner, James Marshall & Doris Hendrickson, Henry Tileson & Camille Collver.
Friday morning 499ers: Nancy Johnson & Ernie Bedard, and Craig Rifel & Carole Gatwood.
Friday morning Open Pairs: Mary Ann Houston & Henry Tileston, Marilyn Kalabsa & Mary Margaret Loehr, Chip Splinter & James Turlo, Lois Bobbitt & Jessica Patton, and David Barnard & Alan Jacobson.
Don’t forget that we’ll be closed December 25 and 26 (Christmas and Boxing Day), January 1 (New Year’s Day), and January 2 (just because!).
Located at 1721 Main St. Ramona #101. The club manager is Mary Ann Houston.
Game times are: Monday 6:00-9:30 p.m. (5:30 Potluck), Thursday night 6:00-9:30, Friday mornings: Open 9:30-1:30; 0-499 NLM 9:30-12:30.
Tuesday lessons: both beginners group and intermediate group lessons are suspended until January 9. Call 760 789-1132, or email Mary Ann at for further information about classes and additional bridge activities.

San Luis Obispo 540

By Bud Zeuschner

So much to be thankful for in the month of November. First, we have a groaning sideboard worth of rank advancements: Toni Mahoney and John Hjalmarson attained Junior Master status, Jim Borland advanced to Club Master while Bob Conover moved to Sectional Master. Charles Crockett moved up to Regional Master and Jean Wilson made it to the NABC Master level. An extra helping of “dressing” to our newest Life Master, Pat Avotins! And getting their just desserts, John E. Fields is now a Bronze Life Master, Eli Zinner is a Silver Life Master, and an extra cherry on top to Bob Sendall hitting the Diamond Life Master rank! Congrats to all these fine players advancing with extra helpings of effort and achievement.
The month kicked off with the 5 Cities Easybridge! championships where Jan and Jim Smith took top honors. That evening, Charlie Sent and Rick Shepard swept the A, B, C fields with a fine 68% game, while Jim and Kathy Borland were best in the 49er Section – no turkeys in that group of winners!
The November 11 unit championships honored our veterans with free play that day, and the team of Gail Lapins - Al Lapins put the rest of the field in a pickle, picking up another well-earned title.
The STAC week of November 13 found many Unit 540 pairs piling on a gravy boat load worth of points. The Monday game, with 192 tables in play, found Jim Merzon - Lee DiSimone in 6th place overall, with Floyd Redman - Al Lapins close behind in 20th, Jim Solomon - Doris Dunn at 25, and just a few almond slivers away - Grant Morgan and Sue Morgan in 28th spot. The Tuesday boards were contested at 136 tables and Rosemary Heath and your reporter landed in 15th spot overall, Jim Parks - Ash Gajjar at 24th. On Wednesday, 27 ½ tables played and Bill Ringbom - Ron Schwarer were 2nd and John Fields - Leda Fields were 7th overall. In the C section that night, Howard Gee and Karol Vogt came in 1st! But wait, they were followed by 4th, 5th, 6th going respectively to Mike Shipsey - Sharon Murphy, Gary Gram - Patrick Howlett, and Jan G. Zinner - Patricia Hallock. Thursday’s contest was another big game with 149 tables playing and again our C level players rose like a soufflé to take 3rd - Mary Beigel - Marie Pope, 5th - Clint Rylee - Lynn Bird, 7th - Doris Dunn - Sharon Murphy, and 8th - Anita Williamson - Dell Wilson. We finished the week with another 1st place (168 tables) in C, won by David Gilette - Sharon Murphy, while Floyd Redman - Betty Hsu came in at 25th in the open overall standings.
The November 27 SLO club champions were Bruce Johnson - July Holland who swept A and B sections for a fine win. But on Wednesday, November 29, Bill Ringbom - Ron Schwarer knocked the stuffing out of the field with a whopping 70% game to tie up the month in a Grand Marnier, er, I mean, grand manner!
We are thankful for all the wonderful players we meet at our games, so it is with sadness that I report the loss of our long-time friend and top player, Bob Kakuske - a Silver Life Master who played for many years with his wife Georgina until she passed away in 2010. The excellent sportsmanship and solid play was augmented by strong support for our clubs, Bob quietly donating bidding boxes for 12 tables for our club a few years back. Sad that they are gone, but thankful for having known them.
So, a few pounds heavier than when I wrote last month’s column, I bid you all a great Holiday Season, whether you celebrate the Prophet’s Birthday, Hanukkah, Christmas, Solstice, Kwanzaa – hey, I’m thankful for any chance to wish you good health, good friends, good cards (and the good sense to play them) good food and good family gatherings. So, ’til next time, deal me in!

Santa Barbara 542

By John Whittlesey

Gold! Many of our members struck it rich in Ventura, but I missed a few in my last Forum. Alain Cardinal and Carole Bennett won 5.13 gold in the Open Pairs and Gold Rush Pairs.
I missed another pair, and one of the players mentioned it to me at the club. I’m sorry, I should probably know your name, but I don’t. I should have asked you for date, event, and points won. I don’t know how to contact you.
Another correction. It was Linda Case who played with Charles Weis on Sept. 28 when they scored their 71.93% game ... not Susan Case.
And now for the San Diego Nationals, which ended on December 3. Dawn Ligon won gold in two events! Playing with three players from 1000 Oaks, she came in 2nd in a KO event, worth 16 gold, and 3rd in a Compact KO, worth six gold. Dawn needs just a few silver points to become a Life Master.
Upcoming events: January is a slow month for special events ... that’s because we’re recovering from all the special events in December. However, there is a unit game on Monday, January 1 at 1:00 p.m. You can watch football ... or you can play bridge!
November 70% games ... Bob Bogoni and John Whittlesey on November 11, 70.08%. Deja vu ... Bob Bigoni and John Whittlesey again, November 25, 70.54%.
Players who are moving up: new Junior Masters: Nicholas Adamski, Danning Lu, Susan Mezzio. New Club Masters: Bob Bonhof, Karen Howsam, David Liu, Bonnie Rand, Andrew Rowberg. New Sectional Master: Jill Bellowe. New Regional Master: Harriet Mosson. New Silver Life Master: Mickey Plaut. I may have missed a promotion or two. (The website didn’t include one of my 70% games!) Sorry. There is a list of recent promotions on the club bulletin board.
Best wishes to all our club players who are trying to advance up the ladder in the new year! I always felt the ACBL should be offering free plays (or something) for players who advance to a new level...but that’s another story.
When I became a LM in 1982, the ACBL sent me a solid gold card! Okay, so it was only gold colored. But it was solid ... tin, probably. Maybe aluminum. Nowadays players get a letter ... maybe. I did get five years free membership ... so I can’t complain. Before 1987, LMs got free membership ... for life! Hence the term, Life Master.

Santa Maria 543

By D. Jackson

Attention all members and friends of Unit 543. When it is time for your New Year’s resolution make it something along the lines of play more bridge! Our games – particularly Monday’s – are getting perilously small. We need to up our table count to keep the game viable and not lose any of our friendly and convenient games. Let’s all support this club!
Congratulations to Dave Hickey and Dianne Bouquet for their 71.76% game and to Barbara Basila and Dianne Bouquet (again?!) for their 72.92% win. It is unfortunate that these great scores were in a couple of our “too-small” games.
Our big winner this month with three wins was Barbara Basila, and our two time winners were Dianne Bouquet, Trish Aldred, and Janice Scott. Others who did well were Dave Hickey, Robert and Jean-Allen Faust, Marie Sheehy, Yoli Medina, Bonnie Hales, Jan Pettis, Bill Ringbom, Ron Schwerer, and Steve and Vandy Lesefko.
Steve and Vandy are still in the early days of their bridge careers so it is nice to see them chalk up a nice unit game victory.
Special thanks to our neighbor Jim Solomon for pitching in when Robert Faust was under the weather. The bridge world is made up of a lot of nice people.

South Orange County 538

By Judy Violick

Welcome to new members Kathy and Stephen Peterson and Howdy Pratt. The Petersons played in college and saw an ad for Marti’s class. They signed up and are also doing mentoring classes. Howdy Pratt is Sharon Pratt’s spouse and he has decided to update his game after taking an Audrey Grant cruise ship class. We also welcome transferees Brenda and Robert Currie. We hope to see all our new members become regulars at SOCBC.
During the November STAC games, we had some big winners. On Tuesday Mark Finkelstein and Beverly Bain came in 1st overall earning 17.23 silver points. On Friday, Bill Velick and John Kissinger came 1st and earned 18.26 silver points. Well done! For more silver, don’t forget to put our annual sectional on your calendars: January 13 and 14.
At the regional in Ventura, Steve Love was our big winner with 38.02 gold. Marilyn and Bob Cavanaugh came in 1st in the Knockout Teams Bracket III. Paula and Mike Campbell and Gulie Hamir and Gale Atwood also brought home some gold. Meanwhile up north at the Whistler Regional, Mark Itabashi came in 1st on multiple days and got an amazing 129.9 gold points. Then he moved on to Niagara Falls getting another 40.02 gold points.
The Fall National in San Diego was well attended by our members, too many of whom earned masterpoints to mention here.
Congratulations to those who advanced in rank: Mary Ruffu, Club Master; Anne Fettel, Sectional Master; Robert Cavanaugh, Life Master; Francyne Bryant, Bronze Life Master; Dae Leckie, Silver Life Master.
I am sorry to report that Galyn Cagle passed away on November 22, 2017. Galyn and his wife Betty Ann are long time members of our bridge club. He was born in New York on June 6, 1938 and grew up in New Roads, Louisiana. After high school Galyn enrolled at Bucknell University. Homesick, he transferred to Louisiana State U. where he majored in chemistry. He began his career with Union Carbide in New York and then was transferred to Dallas where he met his wife, Betty Ann. In 1971, they were relocated to the LA area. Galyn retired as Director of Sales after a 40 year career with Union Carbide. He is survived by Betty Ann, children Kellie, Scott and Keener, daughter in law Jennifer and grandchildren Taryn and Ozzie.
Galyn and Betty Ann were one of those easy going couples who could enjoy a harmonious partnership. They were always fun to play against. Galen also loved to travel and spend quality time with his family.
We offer Betty Ann and family our heartfelt sympathy and know how much he will be missed.

Southern Gold Coast 532

By Joe McHugh

As opposed to last month, November brought a great deal of news to report, especially the results from the Ventura Regional, as we had several members winning events at the tournament. Let’s get right to it.
The Ventura Regional was held from October 30-November 5. As we have previously noted, the tournament was a huge success. Kudos again to Diane Gunther for her work running the tournament.
Several of our members won events at the regional. In the Thursday Bracketed Swiss, Gary Ansok, Rich and Helen Plotin were members of the team that won the 4th bracket, while the team consisting of Teryl Burke, Connie Raabe, Allen Goldman and the author won the 6th bracket. Ron and Sheila Ruiz won the Friday morning 299er Pairs. Alan Curtis, Dave Taylor and Min Xu were part of a team that won the 3rd bracket of the Carpinteria Knockout. Janet Cooper was a member of the team that won the 2nd bracket of the Oxnard Knockout. Beverly McLeod and her partner won the Thursday Gold Rush Pairs. In the Thursday afternoon 299er Pairs, Martha Mutz and Martha Terwilliger tied for top honors. The Friday ABC Pairs were won by Ron Westwood and Charles Clarke. Lorraine Salvatore and her partner won the Friday afternoon 299er Pairs. Last but not least, Craig Kavin and Marta Monheim captured the Saturday Open Pairs. Congratulations to all the above on their tournament success.
We had four members advance in rank this past month. Dean Cunningham advanced to Regional Master, while Lorraine Salvatore became an NABC Master. Helen Plotin is now an Advanced NABC Master, and Teryl Burke is a Silver Life Master. Please join me in congratulating each of the above on their new ranks.
Finally, let me express my best Holiday Wishes to the members of Unit 532.Every few years, the ACBL provides grants to worthwhile non-bridge charities and or foundations. This year, one of the fortunate recipients was the Susan Denham/Andrew Curtis Memorial Scholarship Fund. This fund was created over 12 years ago to raise money to provide scholarships to Oxnard College Dental Hygiene students. Susan Denham graduated from this program in 2001 and asked her family, before her death in April 2005, to start this program. Her brother Andrew, who supported the fund in so many ways, passed away in February of this year and his name was added to the scholarship account.
On November 15, Diane Gunther presented the grant check to Connie Owens, Alan Curtis and former scholarship recipient, Crystal Cortez. The picture was taken in front of the new Dental Hygiene building at Oxnard College which is in its second year of operation. To date, this fund has provided scholarships for nearly 100 deserving students. And thanks to the generosity of the ACBL, this number will continue to rise in 2018 and beyond proving there is indeed more to life than bridge! 
I hope each and every one of you has an excellent Holiday Season and a Healthy and Prosperous New Year.

Visalia 548

By Robbie Rouch

Congrats to the team of Allyson Farrell, Pat Delamontanya, Paul Schommer, and new friend, Harish Singh for their 2nd place KO finish in San Diego, and by a heart-breaking one point. Here at home, 106 tables competed in 12 contests, producing 27 different winners for the 46 top spots. Mike and Mary Florio led the field with four wins. Triple crowns went to Andi Sigmund, Jacqui McGreal, Pam Woods, and Vincent Cheng. Doubling up were Carol Carr, Elaine Smith, Fran Prins, and Suzi & Warren Cederborg. Rounding out the winners list were Allyson Farrell, Barb Fulmer, Bonnie Chan, Chris Villard, Gerard Laquerriere, Gerry Jones, Howard Arquette, Lisa D’Arcy, Mike Frank, Mun Takeda, Pat Delamontanya, Pat Huston, Paul Schommer, Piri Komar, Robbie, and Villa Vejvoda.
My deadline is prior to our annual Christmas Party/annual meeting/election of officers, but I have it on good authority that our landlords, the members of the First Christian Church will have treated us to music of the season to enjoy with our dinner. And I am sure our generous members will have donated substantially to the Tulare Co. Library Foundation, which we have chosen to support this year. The ACBL also stepped up in contributing to our community, with a $1000 check this past month to Visalia Family Services. And on Saturday, January 20, Cindy Myers, representing Morgan Stanley, will be hosting a 2-session special game and luncheon to again honor the memory of Karen Cooper and further benefit that fine organization to which she devoted so much of her life.
As time sweeps along at a seemingly quickening pace we say goodbye to another year. Friends who passed on this year, Esther Perrotta, Betty Smith, Lorna Cheng, and Barbara Hill, no longer grace our tables, and their absence is felt. We also send New Year’s greetings with warm memories to several friends no longer able to join us due to circumstances, health, or geography: Erika Hunyady, Bob Iorio, Diane Bernard, Carolyn Given, Donna Nottingham, Lou Tidwell, Gary Spaberg, and many others we don’t see often enough. We miss you all.