Bon’s Mots

By Bonnie Bagley
National Board Representative

This is a bittersweet column to write ... it is my last for the Western Conference Contract Bridge Forum ScoreCard. District 17 will be producing its own publication starting with the April issue, and going digital every other month. Please see the articles by John Grossmann and Steven & Kitty Cooper for more information. This is bitter because the D17 ScoreCard has been with the Contract Bridge Forum for decades, since before I joined the ACBL, and has been an excellent source of information for our players and advertising for our tournaments. But times change, and the high cost of producing a published monthly paper has become prohibitive for D17. The sweet part is that there will be a new and exciting digital publication with innovative features that are not possible in newsprint publishing. Read More...

Master Solvers Panel

By John Swanson
Lancaster, California

This month we complete the finals of the Senior Knockout Teams held last fall in San Diego. The Nickell team with Katz, Meckstroth, Rodwell, Levin, Rosenberg was 28 IMPs in front of Levine, with Wold, Jacobus, Passell, and a pair of Clerkins. There were 30 deals to go, several providing difficult bidding decisions, some of them rather obscure. In such cases a partnership must trust their general bidding agreements. Read More....

Grand National Teams

Changes to D17 GNT District Championships in May

By Rod Southworth
D17 GNT Chairman

Pre-registration is required for the Open Flight. Teams must mail a list of players to the GNT Chairman no later than May 1, along with a check made out to District 17 GNT for the first session entry fee (currently $52). In the event that there is only one team pre-registered, it will be declared the winner and will not be required to appear at the District Finals, but must pay the initial session entry fee. Read More...


Riverside Super Bowl Regional

Riverside, California
January 29-February 4, 2018


  • Stratified Pairs Stratified Pairs Mark Itabashi - July Ratley
  • Stratified Pairs Stratified Pairs Jim Johnsen - Belton Allen
  • New Life Master New Life Master Theodora Friedman
  • Stratified Pairs Stratified Pairs July Ratley - Mark Itabashi
  • New Life Master New Life Master Nick Sehgal Lompoc Calif
  • Knockout Teams Bracket IV Knockout Teams Bracket IV Donald Davidson - Lisa Karam - Gigette Caldwell - Craig Caldwell
  • Knockout Teams Bracket II Knockout Teams Bracket II Wayne Gorski - Jacob Walsberg - Alberto Feilhaber - Al Tuckman
  • Knockout Teams Bracket II Knockout Teams Bracket II Ron Stearns - Joan Kaye - Ian Wilson - Mike Kerr
  • Gold Rush Pairs Gold Rush Pairs Andy Dadant - Jane Dadant
  • Bracketed Teams Bracket IV Bracketed Teams Bracket IV Robert Englekirk - Rita Levin - Alyssa Kennedy - Rick Turner
  • Bracketed Teams Bracket II Bracketed Teams Bracket II Jim Johnsen - Mary Loehr - Paul Darin - Harriet Smith
  • Bracketed Teams Bracket II Bracketed Teams Bracket II Bill Bailey - Bjorgvin Mar Kristonsson - Arti Bhorgava - Aron Jones
  • Bracketed Teams Bracket II Bracketed Teams Bracket II Alex Chen - Xingping Kang - Alfred Lee - Milt Kalikman
  • Bracketed Teams Bracket I Bracketed Teams Bracket I Bill Harker - Bruce Noda - Alex Kolesnik - Crispin Barrere - Bob Etter


Membership Building

Using Learn Bridge In A Day To Find New People

John Grossmann
D17 President

Hunting for new bridge players? Seeking to start a new game? “Learn Bridge in a Day” (LBIAD) may be a great way to build your player base. In D17, well-advertised LBIAD events have attracted 40-60 new faces a session. LBIAD is a one day immersion experience for folks completely new to bridge. It is also a way for long lapsed players to get re-introduced to modern bridge. Read More....

The I/N Crowd

By Rod Bias
Phoenix, Arizona

When to Give the Goldfinger to a Rule of Thumb


Paul Goldfinger is an honest-to-God, real, living human. This Canadian traveled to the 2015 North American Bridge Championships (NABC) in New Orleans, where I encountered him, shared a lunch with him and, eventually, purchased his book: Goldfinger’s Rule of Thumb. Seemingly, Paul’s objective was to reduce to writing (in a form logical to him) various bridge tips he had found valuable. Most newcomers and intermediate players might benefit from such a writing exercise, even if it were never published in print. Maybe it’s time for you to write down your thoughts on bridge (hint, hint). Read More...

Get’cha Digital Magazine Here

By John Grossmann

An all-digital publication world relies on email. Membership organizations need a way to contact their members. Starting next month, D17 will be distributing digital versions of its publications! One month to go. Time to check that ACBL has your current email address. Read More...

Denver Rocky Mountain Regional

By Wayne Eckerling
Tournament Chairman

Denver’s Rocky Mountain Regional will be held May 22-28 at the newly renovated Renaissance Hotel by Marriott on Quebec Street in the redeveloped Stapleton area. The tournament opens with a Pro/Am event on Tuesday afternoon and ends with a two session A/X/Y Swiss Teams and 0-3000 Bracketed Teams (lots of winners) on Monday, Memorial Day. The finals for all strats of the District 17 Grand National Teams will be held on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday (if necessary). Read More...

Western Conference Refocuses on STACs

By John Grossmann
District 17 President

IU am pleased to report that key Western Conference Board members have agreed to a significant overhaul of the Conference. The WC will concentrate on running STAC tournaments. Any profits generated from STAC activities will be shared by Districts 17, 21 and 22.
Three STACs in 2018 will be held in the normal months of May, August and December under the Western Conference sponsorship. We hope to grow the table count by actively courting units and clubs outside of the Western Conference. Read More.....

Keeping Up with District 17

By Kitty & Steve Cooper
D17 Newsletter Editors

As of the April issue, D17 is joining the 21st century with an online newsletter. We expect it to be easy to read and navigate on your smartphones and tablets. You will be able to print out any article you find particularly interesting.
Steve and I are very excited to continue to be your editors, and we have a great new lineup of contributors, including Robert Todd, Curt Soloff, and Chris Hasney. Read More....

Navajo Trail Regional

Albuquerque, New Mexico
January, 15-21, 2018


  • Knockout Teams Bkt III Knockout Teams Bkt III Douglas Madison - Wilhelmena Haynes - Athena Kelly - Ellen Brabson
  • Bracketed Teams Bkt III Bracketed Teams Bkt III James Randall - Carole Odenreider - Dale Sweetwood - Jim Horton
  • Bracketed Teams Bkt IV Bracketed Teams Bkt IV Bill Carstens - Gordy Vondrak - Jean Norgaard - Rod Southworth
  • New Life Master New Life Master Carol Dawley, Albuquerque NM
  • New Life Master New Life Master Carol Urben, Scottsdale, Ariz.
  • Charity Pairs Charity Pairs Mark Itabashi - Joe Harris
  • Knockout Teams Bkt II Knockout Teams Bkt II Mike Jones - Marilee Van Arsdale - Edward Texel - Dorothy Hyden
  • Knockout Teams Bkt III Knockout Teams Bkt III Teresa Didrickson - Claudine McAnelly - Marjorie J. Elson - Kathryn Erdman
  • Knockout Teams Bkt II Knockout Teams Bkt II Rodney Bias - Bill Carstens - Clair Kretschmann - Murali Nair
  • New Life Master New Life Master Patricia Armstrong, Prescott, Ariz.
  • Open Pairs Open Pairs Mark Itabashi - Mitch Dunitz
  • Open Pairs Open Pairs Markland Jones - Kenneth Titow
  • Bracketed Teams Bkt II Bracketed Teams Bkt II Cheryl Schwartz - Susan Krassy - Linda Nicholos - Judy Hummel
  • Knockout Teams Bkt I Knockout Teams Bkt I Curtis Cheek - Donna Sirubi - Dennis Dawson - Richard Leonardon - Geoff Hampson
  • Knockout Teams Bkt II Knockout Teams Bkt II Art McHaffie - Joy McHaffie - Kenneth Hirshon - Charles Wilkins
  • Stratified Swiss Teams Stratified Swiss Teams Viorel Atudorei - Dolores Brenner - Mary Dougherty - Valentin Kovachev
  • New Life Master New Life Master Teri Didrickson, Albuquerque NM
  • Daylight Pairs Daylight Pairs Frank Moran - Harold Paul
  • Stratified Swiss Teams Stratified Swiss Teams Mike Jones - Marilee Van Arsdale - Edward Texel - Dorothy Hyden


Phoenix NLM Gold Rush Regional

April 27-29, 2018

By JoAnne Lowe
Tournament Chair

Join us at the beautiful In Tempo Bridge Center for the third annual Phoenix Non-Life Master (NLM) Gold Rush Regional. The NLM Phoenix Regional is exclusively for Non-Life Masters with fewer than 750 points. The regional offers opportunities to earn 25% gold points and 75% red points in two session events. Read More....

Sleeping on the Couch

The continuing misadventures of Dave playing bridge with his wife, Anne

By Dave Caprera
Denver, Colorado

“Clocking” a Hand

I recently set a personal record for the highest scoring game that resulted in my sleeping on the couch. Annie and I played in a local 17 table Saturday afternoon club game and posted a score of 75.62%. You might have thought that with a score that big I couldn’t possibly have done anything so egregious that I would fall out of Annie’s good graces. You would be wrong. Read More...

Improve Your Play

By Larry Matheny
Fort Collins, Colorado

IMPs versus
Match Points

This hand demonstrates a major difference between hands played at IMP scoring and those played at match points. Read More....

Simple Logic, Indeed

By Buddy Marsh
Scottsdale, Arizona

A student once complained to me that her husband, a retired philosophy professor, wouldn’t take up bridge because he had “no card sense.” I replied, “Tell him there’s no such thing as ‘card sense.’ Unless ‘card’ is spelled C-O-M-M-O-N.”
Eventually he did sign up, and he devoured the basics. One day the prof came to me with an “interesting” hand. In third seat after two passes he held:
♠A53 ♥– ♦AKQJ98542 ♣Q