Get’cha Digital Magazine Here

By John Grossmann

An all-digital publication world relies on email. Membership organizations need a way to contact their members. Starting next month, D17 will be distributing digital versions of its publications! One month to go. Time to check that ACBL has your current email address.
ACBL’s email system reaches only 66% of its members right now. What are the causes of the shortfall? Some folks don’t give ACBL their email address, some move, and some change internet providers. But a lot of folks think that casual “unsubscribes” is the problem. Unsubscribes are taken very seriously by Pianola and ACBL. Your email address is wiped clean, and communications end. Click unsubscribe and you will not get a notice reminder when the digital publication becomes available.
Visit acbl.org and connect with “myACBL login” by entering your member number and password. Click on “Update My Information” blue button. Click on “Update my Contact Information” blue button. Scroll down to see what email address you have provided. Update your email address. Then click “Submit.”