Keeping Up with District 17

By Kitty & Steve Cooper
D17 Newsletter Editors

As of the April issue, D17 is joining the 21st century with an online newsletter. We expect it to be easy to read and navigate on your smartphones and tablets. You will be able to print out any article you find particularly interesting.
Steve and I are very excited to continue to be your editors, and we have a great new lineup of contributors, including Robert Todd, Curt Soloff, and Chris Hasney.
Our focus will be our tournaments and ongoing bridge education, as before, but with lots more photos and perhaps even a few videos! We will no longer have long lists of results, but rather photo slideshows of winners with links to the results at the ACBL.
More good news is that in 2018 advertising will be free to all D17 units for their tournaments. We will be experimenting with new ways to promote our tournaments . One option is using banner ads in related I/N articles for 299er tournaments. Ads will link to unit web pages, ACBL stored flyers, and the partnership chairperson’s email. Regional ads may include all of the above and video. We invite experimentation. Suggestions are welcome; we have a plethora of options. Anyone like those floating box ads?
Since you do not want to stop getting our wonderful publication, here are the ways to stay in touch:
Email from the ACBL
• Follow D17acbl on Twitter - twitter.com/D17Acbl
• Follow D17acbl on Facebook - facebook.com/d17.acbl/
• Check this page on the D17 website the first of the month: www.d17acbl.org/index.php?page=newsletters
• We will even have an App for the Android and iPhone/iPad! Look for d17acbl in your app store in about mid April.
Going digital will save the district a large amount of money. Another cost cutting move is to publish only every two months.
When a new issue is ready ACBL will send you an email with the URL so be sure to add emailservices@acbl.org to your contacts or your allowed list (aka white list).
The web page at the end of this paragraph explains how to “white list” an email address at all the various providers: whatcounts.com/how-to-whitelist-emails/        
And please help us name our new publication. Feel free to add your ideas for a name to the poll located on our website newsletter page - d17acbl.org/index.php?page=newsletters
Send your thoughts and comments to coopers@d17acbl.org- our new email address as editors.