Western Conference Refocuses on STACs

By John Grossmann
District 17 President

IU am pleased to report that key Western Conference Board members have agreed to a significant overhaul of the Conference. The WC will concentrate on running STAC tournaments. Any profits generated from STAC activities will be shared by Districts 17, 21 and 22.
Three STACs in 2018 will be held in the normal months of May, August and December under the Western Conference sponsorship. We hope to grow the table count by actively courting units and clubs outside of the Western Conference.
Let the STACs begin!
I believe that we finally have a working solution that preserves the STAC structure and aids district finances. As the results of these positive developments, District 17 may cancel our scheduled departure from the Western Conference.
We will retain the well-liked and efficient STAC tournament structure. Players will appreciate the super-sized table count and the jackpot level silver masterpoint awards.
Hi, Ho silver points!
The D17 version of the tabloid newspaper, the Contract Bridge Forum, will no longer be published after this issue. District 17 has chosen a multi-platform digital format.
The grand revlation is this April! Kitty Cooper, our editor, and I are very excited about the potential of our digital publication.