President’s Report

By Tom Pajak
District 21 President

Your District 21 board met in Monterey this January and held elections for the officers to represent you in 2018. The leadership consists of myself as president, Ray Yuenger - vice president, Jean Barry - treasurer, and Sandi Davis - secretary. Our goal is to deliver quality bridge tournaments that you’ll enjoy at venues that are accommodating and welcoming. It’s not just the four officers who help to make this happen; there are several other volunteers who have stepped up to take on necessary tasks:
Pam Hughes, tournament manager - without whom our tournaments couldn’t be held at locations that give bridge players the best room rates and maximum playing space.
Grant Vance coordinates the Grand National Teams events.
Stu Goodgold handles the North America Pairs contests.
Tracey Bauer, our social media expert.
Ginny Wailes, who so acapably manages the annual D21 Goodwill Nomination process.
Grant Robinson, our web guru who keeps the District 21 website current and informative, and others yet to mention.
Sally & Marilyn. Have you been to a regional tournament and visited the Hospitality Room for a quick bite, some coffee, a little rest and relaxation between events? You then have Sally Wheeler Valine and Marilyn Minden to thank for the work they do to haul in the food and beverages, do the set-up, keep things clean and well stocked, and so much more. Sally has now retired and Marilyn will be doing so as well after giving more than a decade of service to run this special benefit to our players. We’d like to give a big special thanks to both ladies for all the work they’ve put in these past years.
Jackie. Our district is represented at the national level by a District Director. Roger Smith formerly held this job and is succeeded by Jackie Zayac taking Roger’s spot on the National Board. Waiting in the wings are first alternate Stu Goodgold and second alternate Arti Bhargava as backups to Jackie.
Jackie. I also want to give tons of thanks to Jackie Ortiz, who has done just about every job on the district board in her many years of service. Most recently, Jackie has coordinated both the GNT and NAP competitions, and has chaired the nominating committee searching for the best candidates to handle the various tasks that your board performs. Jackie has decided to reduce her duties in 2018 in order to rebuild from the devastating Santa Rosa firestorm that occurred last fall.
Your board voted to make a $5,000 donation to the North Bay Fire Relief fund, administered by Redwood Credit Union to aid fire victims in Solano, Napa, and Sonoma counties. The credit union will manage all donated funds for zero administrative cost, making sure the funds go directly to those in need affected by the fires.

At the Monterey meeting, the 2017 Goodwill Awards were presented to: Darnell “Don” Austin - Fresno; Hetty Eddy - Monterey; Anne Hollingsworth - Diablo Valley; Dave Wilmott - Sacramento; Tracey Bauer - Marin; and Raad Bunni - San Mateo. When you run into one of these illustrious and generous persons, ask to see the Goodwill Pin they so fittingly earned. Let them brag a little and tell you what they’ve done to be so honored. Well deserved, all!
The district’s finances were reviewed by CPA David Cartwright who reported issues that he felt were running well, and others that could be tightened up. The board will take his recommendations under consideration to improve overall financial reporting and controls.
• Marion. We also cheered our Western Conference representative, Marion Robertson, for her work in securing a new leased Dodge van that’s used to move tables and tournament equipment from venue to venue by our loyal transporter, Calvin Harper. When you attend a sectional or regional tournament and see the volume of stuff that’s needed to be brought in and hauled out, you can shake Calvin’s hand to thank him for driving to the site with our new van fully stocked to make your tournament experience enjoyable. His former van was quickly becoming an unreliable antique, and as much as Calvin regretted letting it go to van heaven, I’m sure he’s much happier with a new reliable form of transportation.
The 2019 San Francisco NABC (“Nationals”) are just around the corner. The board voted to put past-president Jim Leuker in charge of chairing the event, giving him a chance to repeat the fantastic job he did the last time the NABC was in the city. If you have any special talents that would make Jim’s job a little easier, let him know. One of his first requests is to locate somebody with artistic ability to design the logo for the SF NABC. Wouldn’t you love to see your artwork displayed as the mascot for this tournament printed on programs, flyers, advertisements, T-shirts, banners and all kinds of media? Contact Jim at www.jleuker100@aol.com

In closing, let me pay tribute to Harvey Brody, former treasurer of the district for umpteen years. Harvey passed away in January and a more memorable, lovable guy you’d never meet. Harvey gave his services generously to this district over many years, and we’ll miss him a great deal. Let’s hope he takes his nearly 20,000 masterpoints to the great beyond and finds a bridge game to enjoy.