Ron’s Review

By Ron Lien
President, District 22

We just finished playing at the wonderful Riverside Regional. Ken Monzingo, Bonnie Bagley, Mary Ann Braden and Arleen Harvey’s directorial staff ran a great tournament. The final table count of 1,276 was down from 1,358 last year due in part to going against the Houston and Indianapolis Regionals this year. Plan to join us in 2019 at the Riverside Convention Center. The Palm Springs NLM Regional was a success with 432 tables. Scott Magged, Nance Lodge and Scott Campbell’s directors ran a wonderful tournament this year, and we hope to see more of you play next year.

Digital Forum

After next month’s April printed Forum (mailed in late March), the district will be switching to a monthly online edition. We will be emailing you monthly notifications when the current issue is available. But We Need Your Correct Email Address.
If you don’t currently receive emails from ACBL, please update your member profile so you will get Forum notifications starting in April. Go to acbl.org and log in to “MyACBL.” Click on “Update My Contact Information.” Scroll down to “Email Address.” Enter or update your email in the two fields and click the SUBMIT button.

Board Meeting

Please join me in welcoming Richard Picheny, president of the South Orange County Bridge Unit, who has generously accepted the position of district treasurer. He has an extensive financial background as treasurer and CFO in the public and private sectors. Richard will be taking over for David Lodge, who has done an excellent job as treasurer for the last seven years.
Although our regionals are profitable, the district has other expenses, such as supplementing GNT and NAP subsidies to attend the NABCs and producing the Forum. District 22 made a small net profit last year, but hotel costs are rising, and negotiating good contracts is getting more difficult.
Our Tournament Committee met and proposed two important motions that were approved by the board.:
Open regional card fees were increased to $14.00 for each session, starting at the Orange County Regional. At the San Diego Regional, single session games will remain $12.00.
A host hotel cancellation policy similar to ACBL’s for NABCs will take effect, starting at the Orange County Regional. Players booking one or more room nights at the bridge rate for a regional will have their credit card charged for one night 60 days before the tournament.
Some have asked why this is necessary. The district contracts with the host hotels include a requirement to pay for at least 80% of the room nights in our reduced-rate bridge block. Unfortunately, late room night cancellations after the cutoff date – roughly one month before the tournament – are typically 20%. This can trigger substantial room penalties for the district. This also prevents some players who want to book at the bridge rate prior to the cutoff from getting a room.

Contact Us

Please contact your district board member with suggestions and constructive criticisms. You can find contact information under the “D22 Board” tab on our district website at acbldistrict22.com.