Anaheim 513

By Ron Lien

Thanks to Ken and Bonnie for the well-run Riverside Regional in early February. Several of our players won points including Sherman Gao, Steve Sturm, Greg Thorpe, Steve Hirsch, Ron Lien, Subba Ravipudi, Bob Rubin, Harry Sacks, Yas Takeda, Jane and Andy Dadant, Avice Osmundson, Linda Eagan, Faye Phillips, Gina and Rolland Otto, Tom Felice, Salim Bhimji, Linda White, Ken Agress, Tom Cusack, Sharon Kinney, James and Anita Bent, Chi-Chong Yu and Debra Thorpe.
Please mark your calendars and plan to attend the Anaheim Spring Sectional, April 12-14 in Garden Grove at the Methodist Church. Note that this year the tournament starts on Thursday with two single session Charity Pairs games that pay regional rated silver points. See the ad this month or go online.
We invite you to attend one of our club games. The Anaheim Unit is generously promoting special games several times a month by covering all the added card fees. So STACs, unit games, charity games etc. have the same card fees as regular games, but more MPs.
Every fourth Monday of the month at Mike’s game will be a unit game. Mike’s Monday 7:00 p.m. game is located in Lemon Park, at 701 South Lemon, Fullerton. Art’s Wednesday game starts at 11:30 a.m. at the Anaheim Senior Center, 150 East Center Drive, Anaheim.
Club game winners in January included Art Linderman - Marlys Haraden (2), Ron Lien - Steve Stredler, Harry Sacks - Hayim Ninyo, Lulu and Freddie Minter, Steve Hough - Mike Ventri, Ruth Salisbury - Art Linderman, Jim Culbertson - Gertrud McLachlan (2), Linda Trent - Yas Takeda, Yas Takdea - Chi-Chon Yu, and Gina and Rolland Otto.
Do you know a full-time student attending a four year college who regularly plays bridge in Southern California? Please ask them to apply for the Gayle Andrews $1,000 bridge scholarship. For an application form contact me at

Bakersfield 514

By Mimi Stull

Tournament Chair Christine Moore announced: “Our annual Spring Sectional will be held Friday thru Sunday, April 20-22, at the Bakersfield Community House, 2020 R Street. Open play will be Friday and Saturday at 10:00 a.m. and 2:30 p.m. Stratified 299er games will be held whenever attendance permits ... at least three tables of 299ers are needed. If you have never played in a tournament, this is the perfect one in which to start! Swiss Teams play begins at 10:00 on Sunday. There will be a $5.00 playthrough lunch. Partnership chairman is Cecily Kay at There are sign-up sheets for food donations and volunteers to help,” she concluded.
There were nine tables at the January unit game. First overall was Maynard Denison - Wafik Abdou (1/EW) followed by: Bob Giragosian - Bruce Maclin (1/NS); Hugh Bartlett - Lois Short; Norm Hamady - Mimi Stull; Sue Kelly - Marlyn Everett; Barbara Moore - Diann Lowder; and Rebel Pilshaw - Shirley Eide.
Michael and Mary Wells attended the Palm Springs D22 Non-Life Master Regional and did extremely well! They came in 1st overall in one Gold Rush game, 1st in C in another which resulted in 16.62 gold points ... enough to be 1st overall in MPs out of 387 other players!
Many players of our unit ranked in the overalls in the Western Conference Holiday STAC games. They are: Monday 499er, David Hand - George Kieke; Tuesday Open, Cecily Kay - Sue Kelly, Beverly Busacca - Lois Short; Wednesday Open, Cecily Kay - Jerry Schmitt (who were 1st overall in the conference that day with a 70.37% game), Lois Short - Joan Bruce, Christine Moore - Sue Kelly, Teri Jones - Connie Bruce; Thursday open, Lois Short - Vicki Li; Saturday 499er, Judy Marchbanks - Jan Dovichi, Olly & Jim Blom; Saturday Open, Libbie Stull - Mimi Stull, Barbara Moore - Diann Lowder, and Julie Cesare - Sarah Kelly. The Western Conference Spring STAC games will be held May 7-13 ... a good chance to earn silver points.
The ACBL-Wide International Fund game #1 was held on February 3. Overall winners were Marty Hinds - Bruce Maclin (1/NS) followed by: Fred Carlisle - Ed Curtis (1/EW); Ann Miller - Grace Tanner; Vilas Bankar - Sharon Balfanz; Beverly Busacca - Lois Short; Judy Mosely - Marlyn Everett; Henry Reape - Esther Dougherty; and Rebel Pilshaw - Patti Young. Points given were half red and half black.
Top winners in the 299er games in January were Sandra & Deray Bolen (twice), Suzee Branker- Laurie Kreizenbeck, and Richard Schwartz - Marjorie Nixon. C winners in the open game were Rebel Pilshaw - Patti Young, Michael & Mary Wells, and Maria Ferreira - Mary Wells.
We welcome new members Mary Crider, Eleanor Etcheverry, Garnet Reynolds, Lynn Westhoff and reinstated member Paul Montsinger.
New transfer-in members are Cyma Aranow and Norman Hamady.
Our new Junior Master is Cheryl Blair. Rebel Pilshaw is our new Life Master.
Maritha Pottenger’s bridge lessons were so successful that she will be returning on Thursday, May 31, and Friday, June 1, for more sessions. Those interested may sign up on the bulletin board. For further info please contact Cecily Kay at 661 246-5978.
Once in a while someone forgets to turn off their cell phone. If it rings during the play it disturbs everyone. Therefore, the director will be called and that person will be docked for one hand in that round. Thanks to all players who remember to turn off their cell phone at bridge!
“Many people are looking forward to the 70th annual Kern County Camellia show which will be held at the Bakersfield Racquet Club on Saturday & Sunday, March 3 & 4. Blooms and floral arrangements may be entered between 7:00-10:00 a.m. on Saturday. Volunteers will assist with bloom identification. Judging will be from 10:30-1:00. The show is open to the public from 1:00-5:00 p.m. on Saturday and 10:00-4:30 on Sunday. There will be an opportunity drawing and a Camellia plant sale. Admission is free,” announced Libbie Stull, show chairman.
Mark your calendars for the following March activities: club charity week ($6.00) is March 5-6 and Saturday, March 10; ACBL-Wide Senior Pairs ($6.00) is on Tuesday, March 19; extra points are on Wednesday, March 27; and the unit game will be held on Saturday, March 24, at 10:00.
If anyone needs a partner please call the director of the day or check with Shirley Eide, club manager, at 661 205-2439.
Kindness is the language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see.
–Mark Twain.

Balboa 505

By Phil Pearl

Starting with our new members, we have Kerstin Allison, Roy Barbatti, Ann Colm, Gerald Haley, and Finley Taylor. Transferring into our unit are Janet Sanders from the West Los Angeles Unit and Gail Schneider from Saddleback. Welcome to all.
We have quite a few advancements in rank this month: new Junior Masters are Debbie Davis, Irma Grime, and Joanne Mercer. Howard Small is now a Sectional Master.
Gayle McCrea is a Regional Master. Frank Lin is a NABC Master. Saundra Frizzell made Advanced NABC Master.
New Life Masters are Dwaine Hawley, Reata House, and Kenny Pan. Reata and Kenny also made Bronze Life Master. Sue Foigelman is a new Ruby Life Master, and Beverly Cochran is our newest Gold Life Master.
Reentering the 70% Club: Marcus Evans and Marjorie Michelin 71.99% January 8 at the Costa Mesa Bridge Club, and again with 70.28% on January 22, same club. Joining them, Phil Pearl - Leo Fishman 70.67% on January 10 at J&J Bridge Club. There were several “near misses” by unit members in the 68 and 69% range.
The February unit game scheduled on Super Bowl Sunday was moved to January 28. Thirteen tables were in play after a nice lunch provided by the unit board. Event leaders were Strat A: Nunzio Martorina - Charyl May, Philip Pearl - Hanefi Erten, Sherman Gao - Norman Woo, Joe Chaikin - Xiaozue Walker, Saundra Frizzell - Holly Lincoln. Strat B: Frizzell - Lincoln, Ruth Ableman - Barbara Gilcrest, Al Martinez - Diana Black, Robyn Grant - Rose Reynolds. Strat C: Grant - Reynolds, Kathleen Preble - Joan Klein, Donna North - Sandra Dodge, Ann Shonstrom - Tom Schoffler.

Coronado/Eastlake 519

By Jean Seager

John and Linda Dusharme and Joe Rubin and Dan Molnar began the new year in stellar fashion at the Eastlake Bridge Club. Both pairs notched three victories during the month of January. Linda compounded her excellent showing by winning with partner Barbara Schafer. Susan Mumenthaler and Carole Eklund won twice, as did Laurie Dodson and Marianne Amantea.
Other winners were Rose Vogt and Bjorn Syversen, Anisuz Zaman and Hideki Kitamura, Dave Cleary and Bill Osgood, Beverly Stebbins and Gary Piazzoni and Ellie Elphick and Kathey Revello. Others winners included Beverly Stebbins and Ken Gestiehr, Roy Shepard and Tom Turner, Liz Cogdill and John Cherry, Patty Huffman and Barbara Main and Barbara Schafer and Hiroko Kitamura.
At the Coronado Duplicate Bridge Club, Jeanne Kovach and Naomi Finkelstein enjoyed an excellent month. They won one match and came in second three times. Double winners included Ginger Herrick and Judy Deans and Jean and Bill Seager.
Other victors included Tom Herzog who won with Phil Akre and Kathy Byrnes, Jim and Lourdes DeMaine, Richard Hsieh and Bob Dunham, Patricia Dabbar and Bill Johnson and Betty Ann and John Ellery. Masterpoint winners in January were Tom Herzog with 5.45, Phil Akre with 4.75, Ginger Herrick and Judy Deans with 4.45 and Jeanne Kovachs and Naomi Finkelstein with 3.19.

Desert Cities 533

By Nancy Erickson

This year more than ever our snowbirds realize the warm winter desert is the perfect place to escape the white stuff. We will be saying goodbye to our north and east partners. It was fun – see you next year.
Speaking of saying goodbye, at the Annual Meeting Unit Game vice president Sandy Hertz recognized the outgoing board members. Sandy thanked: Nancy Beckerman who replaced Jim Lopes on our board this year. Typical of the volunteers in our unit who have given so much, Nancy has made a contribution of her time and organizational talents and the membership owes her a debt of gratitude; Jane Witous served three years and has been our Jill of all trades, ever present at unit games and sectionals ready and always willing to pitch in. Jane served as our nominating committee liaison, and in 2017 as the unit’s awards chair, and Nance Lodge, who just completed her second three-year term, originally appointed to complete Bev Hartin’s term. Nance has served Unit 533 for 8+ years. She hit the ground running and never looked back. No job was too difficult, as education chair she encouraged funding for classes and was instrumental in developing Bridge in Schools. Nance helped to establish the Non-Life Master Regional. She and her husband, David, continue to give unselfishly to this unit and the greater bridge community. We look forward to seeing you at the tables as you enjoy your retirement!
Treasurer William Dani presented an extensive financial report posted on the web. A record number of absentee ballots were cast in the election of three new board members. Besting the field of seven candidates was Georgia Jones, Judy Searle and Chaya Venkat.
We send out a shout out to Jamie Alperin and William Stine for organizing and directing the full day’s events – 124 players and guests attended.
Unit game winners in the open: 1st overall Joe Radvansky & Rosalyn Borys, N/S and 1st E/W Martin Blain & Lou Goldsmith. Competition was tight in the 499er group. It ended in a tie with Jane Witous & Judee Woodbury N/S and Joyce Gannon & Kurt Shoenhard E/W winning the overalls.
The 3rd Annual Non-Life Master Regional is in the history books! Scott Magged, tournament co-chair and Scott Campbell DIC delivered another first class event. The team’s tournament co-chair Barbara Gibson needed to step down for health reasons. Her organizational skills made life easier for Nance Lodge, who stepped in to co-chair. Nance’s commitment to this tournament is without equal. This year every participant received gold! (The tournament give-away was bottled gold glitter.)
The host hotel, Hyatt Palm Springs, the food, hospitality and the partnership desk manned by Carol Wilkinson all got rave reviews. The Unit 533 set-up crew was the largest contingent of volunteers ever amassed.
We salute our top five masterpoint winners: Lori Kiefer; Susan Seelig, Mac Becket, Julie Nestibo and Avi Schneller.
Remember: Two new classes start in March at DBC. Glenna Shannahan’s Slam Bidding class and Janice Randles’ Two over One class. There are some seats available for Barbara Seagram on March 21 and March 22, 9:00 to noon. Information is available on the DBC website.
Mission Hills Duplicate Bridge Club welcomed David Goetz to their stable of directors. David directs on Friday. He has also applied for his Bridge with David sanction, location TBA.
Monitor for update information.
Bridge Calendar: Friday, March 16, Unit Wide Game. Sunday, April 8, is the Awards Unit Game.
Rank Promotions: Sapphire Life Master, James Weeks; Bronze Life Master, Merle Friedman; Life Masters, Sara Corey and Linda Hahn; NABC Masters, Chaya Venkat, Darlene Wagner and Tom Wagner; Regional Masters, Bruce Cameron, Fran Dorhout, Arnold Landsman and Dorian Trostler; Sectional Master, Linda Baer; Club Master, Carol Townsend and Junior Master, Roderick Britt.
Incoming: Joining the 533 family are Joan Proud, Martine Reeves and Bunny Tennen. Welcome!

Inland Valley 534

By Barbara Revels

Unit 534 started 2018 with the election of a new board of directors who will be focusing in the area of maintaining current membership enthusiasm by rejuvenating the monthly unit game, scheduling special games such as mentor/mentee games and 8 is Enough Swiss Teams, and issuing their club monthly news Chatter both online and hard copy format. There will be special emphasis on recruiting new members, offering and subsidizing beginner classes and assisting local schools and colleges to initiate bridge clubs and programs.
The 534 monthly unit game was held January 14. North/South winners were Mary Terell and Karen Brandt, 1st with a 62.50% game; Edwin Oldham and Kenneth Chia, 2nd with 61.01%.
East/West winners were Bill Wellman and Peggy Bailey, 1st with a 64.58% game; Jackie and Ray Latta, 2nd with 54.76%.
Special Junior Fund Pairs Games were held by the Murrieta Club, the Old Town Bridge Club and the Temecula Club. First place winners in those games were: Murrieta, David Mielke and Fred Kunkle, 67.90%, January 1; Marlene Koerner and Cleland Nelson, 64.17%, January 9.
Old Town Bridge Club, Beverly Hughes and Bruce Bauer, 66.99%, January 1. Temecula, Joseph Eves and Marlene Koerner, 63.92% and Anita Kingsbury and Jim Fedele, 61%, January 25.
The Banning Beaumont Club celebrated another special game, although not a bridge game, at their regularly scheduled Friday afternoon game on February 2, with a “Tailgate Party.”
Lylia Puckett was hostess, with countless assistants. NFL Teams were well represented with team jerseys and caps. We even had a referee.
Roland Sutfin and Gerri Ralston were the N/S winners with a 58.20% game; Phyllis Wobken and Jean Haralson were 2nd with 56.88%. The E/W winners were Diane and Gaylord Ailshie with 57.44%; Nancy Stancik and Barbara Smith were 2nd with a 55.66%.
Big games around Unit 534 in January: Banning Beaumont Bridge Club, Joe and Sandi Barletta, 65.97%; Carl Hoeberling and Peggy Bailey, 65.76%, Gordon Shepard and Lylia Puckett, 65.72%; Susan Braden and Gerri Ralston, 65.11%. Hemet Bridge Club had back-to-back-to-back 70% games from Bill Williams and Peggy Bailey, 78.33%, 71.43% and 76.25% (it may have been back to back to back to back except that there was not a game on January 4); Fred Fairbanks and Kymber Hoover, 66.15%; Duane and Karen McComb, 65.77%. Murrieta Bridge Club, Janet Gleason and Marlene Koerner, 67.19%; Beverly Hughes and Bruce Bauer, 65.10%; David Mielke and Fred Kunkle, 67.90%. The Old Town Bridge Club, Joseph Eves and Cleland Nelson, 70.52%; Cathy Garvin and David Hidley, 68.38%; James Griffin, Jr. and Bill Papa, 73.81%; Rick Kerbel and Anne Maxfield, 69.91%; T. Woods and Harry O’Neil, 68.29%; Beverly Hughes and Bruce Bauer, 66.99%. The Sun City Bridge Club, Mary Terell and Bill Williams 68.20%; Edwin Oldham and David Hidley, 68.22% and 68.93%; Duane and Karen McComb, 66.02%; Cathy Garvin and Joseph Eves, 65.63%.

La Jolla/Beaches 526

By Skipbid

The overall winners of our January 14 unit game were Chris Benson and Lynne Feldman, with Flights B and C both going to Paul Alesu and Bob Brobst.
Chris and Lynne repeated their victory on January 28. And in that game Flight B was taken by Jeremy Fields and Linda Gu, and Flight C by Bob Brobst (another repeat) and Matthew Kidd.
We welcome new members Robin Bottomley, Lynne Litwiller, and Sherron Schuster, and to congratulate the following unit members on their advancement in ACBL rank: new Junior Master – Orrin Gabsch; new Club Master – Selby Winkler; new NABC Master – Ramey Farah; and new Bronze Life Master – Dr. Deborah Goldsmith. Great job, all!
(And please refer to this column for a free play in February or March.)

Lompoc 528

By Lynley Bernau

Happy February, Happy Valentine’s Day, Happy Easter. Spring has sprung in Lompoc. We hope for more winter.
Congratulations go to Suzanne Budabin for reaching Bronze Life Master status. She has worked very hard, and traveled to many regionals for those gold points. It is a big achievement and we are proud of her. Congratulations also go to Tom Hodges who has achieved Regional Master. We welcome Gene and Linda Rasmussen into our unit. They recently moved to Solvang from San Fernando. We hope they become regular players in our games. It is great to get new folks joining our unit.
The winners for January are: Don Beck, Suzanne Budabin (2), Sarah Flinkingshelt (3), Tom Hodges (2), Barbara Holt, Jim Kelly, Bob Jurgensen, Bob Linquist, Charles Littlejohn (3), Tom Olmsted, Nelson Owens, Lynn Porter (3), Kay Rowland (2), Mike Scavone, Nick Sehgal (2), Tom Small (2) and Frank Swanson. Congratulations to all. It seems a short list, but with the Holidays a number of games were missed.
Congratulations go belatedly to Sarah Flinkingshelt and Skook Porter. They had a 72% game on November 11, 2017. Great job and I apologize for overlooking it in December.
It is nice to have Bob Male back playing again on Mondays. We have missed him. We hope Margaret Courtney will be joining us again soon. She has been struggling with health issues and we miss her.
It has been nice having Gale Porr playing again occasionally. Please come more often, Gale.
Here’s to good cards and great games. Bye til next month.

Riverside 537

By Nancy Alvarado

Our club usually shuts down during the Riverside Regional, to allow our members to play in the tournament. This year, Cynthia Sommer took advantage of the shutdown and organized a thorough cleaning, decluttering and freshening up of our playing rooms while we were gone, so we returned to a sparkling clean playing area that will surely raise our spirits and revitalize our game! Thanks also go to Terry Berg, Mona Busick, Carol Davidson, Connie Dawson, Doreen Grant, and Bev Monteiro, who donated time, energy or funds to make this happen.
Those who would have helped had they known this was happening can contribute throughout the year by keeping our premises clean – most importantly by picking up after ourselves before leaving at the end of each game.
Nancy Alvarado and Terry Berg found themselves miraculously promoted by fiat of the ACBL board in January. The board voted at the San Diego NABC to allow previously lapsed (before 2010) but rejoining members to qualify for ranks under the old criteria. Nancy woke up on New Year’s Day to find herself a Life Master and Terry was suddenly Bronze. Others may have had the same experience – check MyACBL to see. Mary Ann organized a party with cake and balloons to celebrate the unexpected achievements. Perhaps inspired by their success, winners at the unit game on January 21 were N/S: Emoke Gasper - Diana Garber, Beverly Monteiro - Mona Busick, Corliss Serber - David Kennedy. E/W winners were: Tony Mascari - Pat Mascari, Michel Tuszewski - Phil Savage, James Tanner - Bill Hamann.
The most spectacular performance at the Riverside Regional was the 77.50% game by Robert Davis, playing with Dagmar Ragnow of Camarillo in the Wednesday afternoon side game. This gave Robert a 1st place in the Afternoon Side Game Series. Well done, Robert!
Others who did well in side games were: James Tanner and Bill Hamann, Gary Silvius and Elizabeth Silvius, Bipin Patel (with Jeffrey Phillips), Kitty Moon (with Thomas Cusack), and Ho Ming Yim (with James Tanner). The team of Michel Tuszewski, Phil Savage, Corliss Serber and David Kennedy won Friday-Saturday KO Bracket 2 and were 3rd in Sunday’s Bracketed Swiss. Nancy Alvarado, Darrick Chee, Dwaine Hawley and Gary Zoss were 2nd in the Friday-Saturday KO Bracket 3 and won the Sunday Swiss, Bracket 2. James Linke, Steve Morford, Michel Tuszewski and Paul Caslavka won the Monday Bracketed Swiss and were 2nd in the Tuesday-Wednesday KO Bracket 3.
Mary Ann Braden did an excellent job as partnership and hospitality chair and found time to win with Bipin Patel in Gold Rush and in the Saturday Compact KO, with Jim Tanner, Terry Berg and Paul Caslavka.
Others winning points at the regional include: Holly Timmons and Adelle Beck, Sandy and Dick MacGregor, Steven Tinling and Sue Hemsley (who won 299er Pairs), Millie Garrison, Diana Garber, Fern Thomson, Chris Marin, Owen Kustner, Diane Miller, Doreen Grant, Mona Busick, Teri Simpson, Bob Ritzau, Donna Cosgrove and Jyotika Sheth. Thank you especially to those who helped the partnership desk by playing with out-of-town visitors.

Saddleback 525

By Robert Micone

Well, the new 2018 tournament season has kicked off and the Riverside Regional just completed. In addition, our annual ACBL sectional is about to start at Laguna Woods Clubhouse Seven.
Our neighbors to the south at South Orange County Bridge Center had a successful and crowded sectional in mid-January. Participants at all levels seem to love these events for the competition and friendly environment as long as they don’t have to drive too far.
The big winners at the Riverside Regional was the Bracket 2 Knockout team of Al Tuckman, Jacob Weissberg, Wayne Gorski, and Alberto Feilhaber. This was a big win against tough competition in a two day Knockout. Obviously these people have stamina in addition to their bridge skills.
The Sunday Swiss Teams was won by Marjorie Michelin and Ellis Feigenbaum, who blitzed their opponents in the last round to win the title. Marjorie and Matt Mallory also won the January unit game with a 67% score.
In NLM Competition at the South Orange County Bridge Center Sectional, Tivis Mobberley and Dana Taylor headed up the winning team in the 499er Swiss. Congratulations to all the victors!
I would like to take this opportunity to welcome the following new members. We wish you an enjoyable experience at the table and invite you to introduce yourself to a board member so we can help you advance.
New members: Anita Anderson, John Anderson, Susan Matson, Julie Mazo, Elizabeth McNally, and Ronald Young. Welcome to all.
Rank Advancements
• New Junior Masters: Helen Gokbudak, Michael Kupperman,  and Cynthia Smith.
• New NABC Masters: Ed Kurinsky, Thomas Loh, and Tivis Mobberley.
• New Life Masters: Bruce Karlan and Juniel Worthington.
• New Diamond Life Master: Alfred Tuckman.
Until next month when we’ll have the results of the Unit 525 Sectional and an idea of who the candidates are for the unit board for the next year, I hope you enjoy every day at the bridge table.

San Diego 539

By Larry Sherman

All roads lead to Marina Village. Hard to believe, but whether they lead to a middle school in El Dorado Hills, condos on Fisher Island, Florida, a yacht harbor in the Oakland Estuary, a district of Paradise Island in the Bahamas, condos at St. Ann’s Bay in Jamaica, apartments in Stockton, and Inn in Alameda, more condos in Boynton Beach, Florida, apartments in Sparks, Nevada, homes in Lauderdale by the Sea, Florida, a shopping center in Newport Beach, or low income housing in Elizabeth, New Jersey, all roads do indeed lead to a Marina Village. Let’s narrow down your search engine to one Marina Village this March 2-4, and make sure we all take the roads that lead to Unit 539’s Spring Sectional at Marina Village in Mission Bay, San Diego’s water playground. Friday and Saturday’s sessions at 10:00 a.m. and 2:30 p.m. will feature pairs events for open, 1499er, and 299er fields. If you have less than 20 masterpoints, the unit will waive your card fees to Friday’s 299er game.
On Sunday there will be Swiss Teams events in the Flight A/X category and the B field (limited to players with less than 2,000 masterpoints). Both teams events start at 10:00 a.m. In addition, we will have a one session pairs event 1:00 p.m.
For more information about our Spring Sectional, the event flyer is on our website www.sandiegobridge.comAnd just for the record: the Marina Village you are looking for March 2-4 is located on Quivira Way, just off West Mission Bay Drive.
Unit 539 showed just how flexible it can be when it needs to this year by holding its annual Holiday Party, “Cheers to the New Year,” in January instead of the customary December. If you were unable to join us for this fun event, you can read about it on our unit website:
Winners in the 24 table open game in Flight A were Suzanne Lebendig - Roger Doughman, while Linda Gu - Tom Herzog finished 1st in the B and C strats. We attracted nine tables to the 999er game. Flights A and B were won by Lynne Anderson - Anwar Hafeez. Tying for 1st in Flight C were Lynne Batchelor - Sandy Howland (two of our Soledad Club hosts) and Mona Deutsch - Ramey Farah.
We introduced a new board member at our January 21 meeting, welcoming Stuart Showalter to our group. We very much would entertain the addition of another energetic player to the board, particularly if you represent the interests of our newer players. We are trying to maintain a balance of experience level on the unit board, so no one feels left out.
Our open game that day attracted 17 tables. Finishing 1st in the A strat were Maritha Pottenger - Kent Hartman, while Kathee and George Bessinger won the B and Paul Ales - Bob Broast the C. Six tables competed in the 999er game, with Carol and Art Murphy winning, while Joanne Koscielski - Sam San-Wong finished atop both the B and C strats.
The unit has finalized its 2018 calendar and it has been published to our website by our club manager, John Boackle. There was much discussion about trying some new games out to see how you would like them. Amongst those discussed were a mixed age game, mixed skill game, mixed gender game, and nude bridge (just kidding folks). Take the opportunity to look over the 2018 calendar.
Some highlights are the April 15 Ace of Clubs/Mini-McKenney awards, the June 3 membership game, the July 1 Open Pairs event, the August 2 Mixed Pairs (gender) game, the September 2 Tribute Trophy game, and the October 7 Mixed Skills game, which will be host to pairs having over/under a set masterpoint amount, still to be determined but in the 1000-1100 range.
We are happy to announce that some new milestones have been reached by Unit 539 members: Club: Howard Bolotin, Martha Morris, Rita Priver, Mary Rea, and Madelyn Trainor; Sectional: Stephen Haine and Janet Murdoch; Regional: Lloyd Kelly; Bronze: Winfield Carson; Emerald: Kent Hartman.
Our awards chairperson, Carolyn Casey, will be in contact to offer a free play at any of our unit games during a three month window.
We also welcome new members Robert Bushman, Stephanie Clifner, Katherine Cline, James Pea, Sandra Petersen, and Bk Swenson. In addition, the unit welcomes a transfer from outside the area: Yvonne Matta from Maryland.
Our heartfelt condolences go out to unit president, Lamya Agelidis, and family. Her father, Dr. Suhayl J. Jabbur, an avid bridge player, passed away February 2 in Lebanon. Leaving behind wife Amal, daughters Lamya, Mona and Nada.
Also, Lynn Horobetz passed away in early February. Lynn’s career was as a novelist with many published titles. She was the daughter of Helen Horobetz, tournament chairman in D22 in the 70s.
Club News: The San Diego Bridge Club ( offers a weekly game every Tuesday at 10:30 a.m. Winners from January included Robin Rodger - Bill Allen, Bill Grant - Sam Madison-Jammal (two times), and a tie between Gigette Caldwell - Ursula Pardo and Gary Piazzoni - Gregory Wetz.
There will be a quarterly club championship game held on March 13 and a Western Conference Spring STAC game on March 20. The club will be closed on March 27 during the week of the Pacific Southwest Regional.
San Diego Bridge Academy ( and Redwood Bridge Club ( Check out the websites for game results, descriptions of all the available games and lessons.
Adventures in Bridge ( Check out the website. Game results are posted quickly and there’s a description of all the available games and lessons.
21st Century Bridge Club meets every Thursday evening at 6:30 p.m. at the Redwood Bridge Club. If you need a partner or would like information on this sanctioned game, please call Betty Riedler at 619 276-3476, or email her

San Diego North County Coastal 531

By Rick Gold

Congratulations to Rima and John Sharron for nabbing 1st in our January unit game. Well done! Our next unit game is March 18 at Ocean Hills. The NLM section was not held. The unit board strongly feels that the NLM should have their own section, so bridge players please encourage NLM players to play in the unit game. To encourage more bridge players, the board is finalizing supervised bridge lessons for beginners and intermediate players. Advanced classes are also considered.
Please welcome new member Steve Dahl and new transfers Michael Gerson, Tom Kertesz and Wendy Margon into Unit 531. Look forward to seeing you at the bridge table.
Linda Iredale has achieved Life Master. At the Life Master level, Sandra Musbach has turned Bronze. When you see the above at the table please join me in congratulating them for attaining their individual milestones.
Cardiff by the Sea: Harvey Goldstein
A wonderful couple ... Isabella and Mark Wilf shined this month with an overall victory to start the new year. They have been playing in the Monday game for as long as I can remember. They only miss the game when they are traveling, and travel they do. Mark is a consultant to major institutions all over the world. Most times Isabella joins him or meets up with him when he has taken an assignment. They are both the brightest of individuals and that is why they are such a good match in life and at the bridge table. They also happen to be very nice people. Isabella occasionally tells Mark he is being too aggressive, he denies it and says he only doubles when he is sure to get a good score! I am there to support Isabella because sometimes his double does not result in the best score. Mark only smiles and continues his winning ways which would not be possible without his best partner, Isabella.
Jerry Woodworth and Dick Aufmann hit the trifecta with three played games and three 1st place finishes ... one of which was the overall. Quite a feat considering there were only three games this month. Harvey Scheifstein achieved Bronze Life Master and celebrated with a 1st place overall with his regular partner Don Cleveland. They had a 66.07% game. When we checked the scores they actually were tied with Ben Domurat and Steve Rattner with the exact same percentage of 66.07%. Both pairs travel in good company.
A few other notable pairs who did very well this month included Stanley Weistrich - Al Feldman, Kevin Chaisson - Philippe Lamoise, Emily Berkov - Jan Gallagher, Jack Benoualid - Dee Dee Field, Rita Sorgi - Carolyn Kish and Mark Crootof - Stan Rabin.
As always, good times were had by all.
Encinitas: Ida Burcham
All the games in January were Junior Fund Games. We started off slow because of the holidays and the flu. We still have some players who are recovering from the flu. There were four Junior Fund Games, and Anne and Lance Malkind won two of them. Gary Beed brought a new player, Michael Haubenstock, to our game, and they took home the best score in our first game. Just to even out the winners, Jeanette Bentley and Joan Kroener won the last game. We had almost a reflection of the winners in the NLM section. Two players coming in from the cold in the east won our last two Junior Fund Games. Urmila Gurathi from Cherry Hill, New Jersey, and Shiv Tangri from Michigan come to the west coast every winter and stay with relatives. They have started playing regularly, and they are really good enough to move up to the open, but the NLM section is more enjoyable. Ray and Wilma Wilhelm won the first game, and Joyce Blumberg brought a friend who isn’t a member to win the second game.
Fallbrook: Fran White
Milt Fader led the way this month at Fallbrook’s Thursday game. Barb Anderson and Shelia Reilly finished with the second most masterpoints followed by Caryn Villalon, Lance Eddy , Tom Miller, Charlie Hurd and Glory Reigg, Wicker Gamble, and Rick Kerbel. Welcome to new player Sandy Nisson, returning to bridge after years away!
Oceanside West: Ida Burcham
All the games on Monday and Tuesday were Junior Fund Games. I’ll try to find some kind of pattern so my report is enjoyable. Well, it didn’t take me long to see a definite trend. Anne and Lance Malkind cleaned up this month. They came in 1st overall four out of seven of the Junior Fund Games. On January 23 we participated in the ACBL-wide Junior Fund Game. Joe Houde and Andy Loh used their Unbalanced Club system to capture 1st overall. It is a powerful tool, but it isn’t easy to learn.
There were winners in all those Junior Fund Games. Paul Landrum and Fayne Shead began the month of January by winning the first Junior Fund; Andy Loh and Rick Norton won using the Unbalanced Club system in our first Monday game; and Sam and Yoko finished out the Monday games with a 1st overall win.

San Diego North County Inland 549

By Dorothea Williams

It’s time to get out your calendar and your list of favorite partners and firm up some play dates for the Pacific Southwest Regional, which will be held in San Diego March 26 through April 1 at the Town & Country Resort & Convention Center (go to for information and flyer). This is the second big ACBL event in our county in just a few months space of time. We’re so lucky ... we have another chance to excel and earn those red and gold points right in our back yard (so to speak). Don’t miss this great opportunity!
Our Winter Sectional in January was a great success with 119 tables over the two days it was held. There were 479.04 silver masterpoints awarded to 150 players during the event. Obviously, too many names to list here, but the top five point winners were: Dorn Bishop, San Diego; Rick Kerbel, Murietta, V. Jay & Linda Tipton, Irvine; Lynn Wells, Oceanside.
We congratulate all the winners, and extend a heartfelt thank you to everyone who played.
We Have Moved. Unit games, beginning February 24, will be held on the fourth Saturday of each month at the Bridge Club of North County (BCNC) in Escondido, 2320 So. Escondido Blvd. Two exceptions to this schedule are third Saturdays due to scheduling conflicts: May 19, and November 17. As is customary, lunch will be available at 11:45, game starting at 12:30.
Members achieving new levels of achievement: New Life Master: Ed Ford. New Bronze Life Masters: Ed Ford, Roger Liles, Carey Simkin. New Silver Life Master: Bernie Simkin.
Welcome new members to Unit 549: Carol Peterson and Madelyn Buchalter.
Bridge Club of North County
Alert! A new club directory is currently being compiled to assist you in contacting other club members. To be included, you need to provide your name, telephone, email address, and emergency contact information. There are forms at the club that you must fill out and sign, or alternately, you can provide the information electronically to Arline Kennedy at
March games at BCNC are megapoint and charity games supporting the Grass Roots Fund, the ACBL Education Fund, ACBL Junior Fund, the International Fund, and ACBL Charities. Saturdays are Barometer Game/Pizza Days (except the 24th, when Unit 549 has its game at the Club). There will be two club championship games: Tuesday, March 6, and Saturday, March 17, which is also St. Patrick’s Day. There will be extra goodies and desserts provided for this special celebration day.
The club will be closed on Tuesday, March 27, Thursday, March 29, and Saturday, March 31, for the Pacific Southwest Regional in San Diego.
Easybridge! Workshops: Hazel Turner, a Life Master and ACBL Certified Easybridge! Instructor, is conducting weekly workshops in conjunction with the Easybridge! classes, which are currently in progress. The two hour supervised play workshops are held on Thursday afternoons at 4:15 p.m. and will focus on a new topic each week including Takeout Doubles, Preempts, 2♣ Openers, Negative Doubles, and more.
The cost is $5.00 per session. You don’t have to be registered in the Easybridge! classes to attend the workshops, everyone is welcome and no pre-registration is required. You can just drop-in when the week’s subject appeals to you!
The workshop calendar is posted on the club website at

(click on “Learning”), or see the list of scheduled topics on the bulletin board at the club. If you have further questions, you can contact Hazel directly via email
The Defensive Techniques course started Monday, March 19, at 4:15 (repeated Tuesday afternoon March 20, at 4:15). Attend one or both sessions for one price - $69.00 for five weekly lessons. If you have missed the first lesson, the cost will be prorated. Contact Bill Butler at to sign up.
Supervised Play continues to be a very popular event. Sessions are on Monday at 9:00 and Thursday at 9:30. The cost is $5.00 and players are invited to stay and play in the afternoon game for an additional $6.00. That’s an entire day of bridge (mentoring and play) for only $11.00 – what a deal! To participate in the mentoring sessions, you must sign up in advance. This is required so that enough qualified mentors can be enlisted to assist each table of players. Contact Vic for further information and to sign up at
Check the calendar for exact dates of the various club games and activities. Go to to find everything you need to know about bridge at the club. The address is 2320 So. Escondido Blvd., Escondido. Phone 760 807-9396. Email: Feel free to contact the club regarding club programs, special games, and partnership help.
Top five open players for January: Marilyn Florin, Al Nadel, Sheila Latus, Rex Latus, and Marion McDonald.
Top five Non-Life Master 0-499 players for January: Ken Patrick, Lindy Patrick, Trish Frinell, Susan Van Cott and Sue Halfaker. Congratulations to all of these winning players.
Lake San Marcos Duplicate Bridge Club: All of our March games will earn megapoint awards.
Top 5 open players for January: John Sharron, Jr./Rima Sharron, Victoria Haines, Maria Marshall, and Lorraine Gordon.
Top 5 Non-Life Master players for December 0-499: George Wilkinson, Ilene Brodsky, David Blumenberg, Janet Dunlap, and Valerie Gwin.
Lake San Marcos Duplicate Bridge Club games are held at the San Marcos Senior Center at 111 Richmar Ave., San Marcos. The Wednesday game starts at 12:00. Snacks and coffee are provided. The cost is $7.00. For further information call John at 760 751-0406, or Nina at 760 736-9386.
ACBL Ramona Duplicate Bridge
Located at 1721 Main St., Ramona #101. Game times are: Monday 6:00-9:30 (5:30 Potluck), Thursday Night 6:00-9:30, Friday mornings: Open 9:30-1:30; 0-499 NLM 9:30-12:30. Tuesday lessons begin promptly at 2:00 at the Bridge Club. Call 760 789-1132, or email Mary Ann at for further information about classes and additional bridge activities.
Congratulations to Jerry Asbury and Chip Splinter, who won both gold and red points in the NLM Regional on January 20. Way to go!

San Luis Obispo 549

By Bud Zeuschner

We rung in the New Year with lots of bubbly celebrations for our winners and rank advancements, but first a toast to our own Gail Lapins, who was honored at the Fall Champs for her outstanding contributions to the game, both in mentoring new players, working on a variety of projects, including offering several sets of lessons over the year, and her outstanding work on our charity front, making major contributions to the success of our The Longest Day fundraising efforts. So, be upstanding and raise your glasses high for an award well-deserved! Congrats!
Followed by the popping of corks for a small host of rank advancements among our players - Glen Dautremont and Sue Fong both have become Junior Masters, while the ranks of Club Master grew with the addition of Kathy Borland, Theresa Gillette, Jim Smith and Janice Smith. Our newest Sectional Master is Ellen Frost, and Ginny Randall reached the NABC Master level. Rick Shepard is now an Advanced NABC Master, and our outstanding player/teacher friend and board member, Leda Fields now claims the distinction of Ruby Life Master. A hearty “Hear, Hear!” to all – bottoms up!
Several highlight games were held in January, starting with the Winter Championships held in Paso Robles at our North County Game – topping the field with a solid 67.36% game that day were Barbara Naylor and Frank Naylor.
Outstanding work, champs!
On January 18, the Inter club championships were contested at the Five Cities Club in Pismo Beach, where Bob Wood - Deb Cameron won out with the North-South cards, and Carol Raimondo - Audrey Moore forged to the front of the pack with the East-West boards.
One of the highlights is always our Duplicated Swiss game, where the hard work of Bill Ringbom and his team duplicate enough boards so we can have four rounds of boards with hand records at the end – many thanks and raise your glasses to thank Bill and his crew.
Winning the A section was the fearsome foursome of Jim Solomon, Bob Wood, Doris Dunn and Deb Cameron with a perfect 4-0 record.
The B strat was taken by David Gillette, Bill Ringbom, Gayle Larson, Jan Zinner, while Sharon Murphy, Virginia Randall, Louse Abbott and Marlyn Burch won the C grouping. A great addition to the game, we hope that many more clubs and tournaments will consider Duplicated Swiss!
Sorry to report that our long time dear friend, LeMoyne Beene (don’t call her Phyllis, she won’t answer) is picking up stakes and heading back to Michigan where her extended family has decided they’ve been deprived of her company long enough!
So, bon voyage, LeMoyne – and thanks to your family for sharing you with us for these many decades. Raise a glass in her honor; she will be greatly missed by all who knew her.
Til next time, deal me in!

Santa Maria 543

By D. Jackson

Mission accomplished for Maria Sheehy at the Monterey Regional as she, with the help of Yoli Medina and Jan Grieff-Zinner, picked up the needed points to become Life Master. Congratulations! Also making us proud were Eli Zinner, Bill Ringbom (who both won lots of points!), Christy Nichol, Patrick Howlett, John Lyddon, Art and Jamie Herbon, Sue Furchtenicht, Monique Levy, and Bruce and Janice Scott.
In the club games Robert and Jean-Allen Faust reigned supreme with four wins, followed by Barbara Basila, Tom Beswick, and Diana Jackson (each with two wins), Bonnie Hales, Mary Goodspeed, Christina Holenda, Patrick Howlett, Ethyl Will, Jan Pettis, Art and Jamie Herbon, Doris Dunn, and Caroline Bowman.
We had two 70+% games this month: Robert and Jean-Allen Faust with a 71.48% and Barbara Basila and her brother Tom Beswick with a 70.83%.
It was nice to have Tom join us on his yearly visit from Nebraska.
It is also nice to have Ethyl Will back after her musical duties in New York City over the Holidays.
And finally we extend a special welcome to Kathy Cahalan who is new to the area and to our unit. She is a welcome addition to our club.

South Orange County 538

By Judy Violick

Welcome to new members Ken Fraser and Jane Kleiser. Congratulations to those who advanced in rank: Joop Dorn, Breee Maccutcheon, and Joan Stephenson, Junior Masters; Vicki Smith, Club Master; Randall Morgan, Sectional Master; Shirley Hull and Pam Nuccio, Regional Masters; Frank Grossman and Emely Moeller, Life Masters; Frank Grossman, Emely Moeller, Carole Kanow, and Marty Moss, Bronze Life Masters; and Bob Kirkpatrick, Gold Life Master.
The new Friday Night Light Duplicate and Social Bridge games that started in January were well received. The food was great and the groups very friendly and relaxed. The next event will be on Friday, February 23. Sign up with Frances Krause
Mark Itabashi was working overtime in January: Monterey, 95.90 MPs, Honolulu, 40.87, Albuquerque, 113.06 and Riverside, 105.40. Steve Love earned 31.74 MPs in Albuquerque. Honolulu also attracted the Leaches, the Whites, Sunila Kulkarni and Emely Moeller, all of whom earned MPs.
Other big winners at Riverside were the Kissingers, 55.06, Steve Love, 35.66 and Debbie and Alan Gailfus, 19.21.
Emely had an exciting time at the Honolulu Regional. Returning to her hotel from an evening session, she was almost knocked over by a man running out of the building. Within seconds he was apprehended by FBI agents. Inside the hotel there were two other men in handcuffs. In the elevator she ran into another agent exiting on the 10th floor, gun at the ready.
Turns out it was a huge sting operation relating to credit card fraud. The next morning Emely was getting ready for a teams game at the regional when she received a phone alert about an incoming ballistic missile. As she described it, resignation and acceptance set in. It was a very long 38 minutes until she learned it was a false alarm. But the tournament was still on and Emely with her new inner calm went on to win the 2.22 gold points that had eluded her for so long. She made Life Master and Bronze Life Master at the same time. Bravo!

Southern Gold Coast 532

By Joe McHugh

Believe it or not, another year has passed us by and here we are in 2018. January saw the unit election game. We were also provided with plenty of other opportunities for points in the regular club games, which included a Junior Fund Week for those who enjoy extra points (and who doesn’t?).
The first 70% game of 2018 came on January 9 when Steve Gross and Ellen Anten scored a 70.39% game in a Tuesday morning open session. Congratulations to Steve and Ellen on an outstanding performance.We had no other 70% games this month.
We had eight full tables come to the annual unit election game. After a nice dinner and the unit elections, the participants settled in for some good bridge. When all was said and done, Bob Bass and Steve Gross had outpaced the field. Two pairs tied for 2nd overall: Diane and John Gunther, and Margaret Bissell and Maria Glasgow. Thanks to everyone who came out to support the unit.
We had two members advance in rank this month. Both Jerry Adler and Margaret Bissell advanced to Bronze Life Master. Please join me in congratulating Jerry and Margaret on their new ranks.

Ventura 547

By Jody Fickes Shapiro

By unanimous acclamation, members of Unit 547 attending the Annual Meeting on January 13, 2018, voted to accept the nominating committee’s list of board recommendations. Following the meeting, the new board met and roles were assigned. Congratulations to Rose Buckley, who will be serving this year as president of the unit. She replaces Dennis Charles, who remains on the board as secretary. Susan Lang is the unit’s vice president and will continue to handle the task of publicity chairman. Treasurer Dagmar Ragnow, who reported a net earnings of $1000 for the club in 2017, will continue her faithful service.
Also continuing to serve is Ken Thompson, our webmaster and email coordinator and Joan Cathcart who is the unit’s able hospitality coordinator. Josh Rosenbluth, special games coordinator and Ken’s back-up on computer communications, will take on the additional task of tournament coordinator.
The nominating committee, under the leadership of retiring board member John Anderson, also recommended adding three new board positions in addition to the election of his own replacement. New board members are: education coordinator, Raeann Koerner; New member coordinator, Mark Eckhout; Ojai club coordinator, Anne Conn; and Rosemary Reitz, who has been directing the Sunday game at the Townehouse. Tom Ciacio, who as club manager and director, received an extra nod of appreciation from outgoing president Dennis Charles, for keeping the games running smoothly during the Temple’s renovations will continue working with the board.
When asked if she had any special goals in mind for this coming year, President Rose Buckley said she wants to work on new member outreach, and to make playing in the Unit 547 games a pleasant experience for all the members.
One special game she hopes to schedule is a Pro-Am game which hasn’t happened in several years. Also the well-received Fast Pairs game will be held again on March 29 following the presentation of the Ace of Clubs and Mini-McKenney awards.
For beginning players, Raeann Koerner is teaching a twice-a-month “Learn as You Play” series. The March classes will be held at Temple Beth Torah from 11:00-12:15 on March 8, and March 22. Cost is $5.00 per session.
For more information, contact Raeann at
And it isn’t too soon to mark your calendars for the popular Strawberry Sectional which is scheduled April 27-29.

Visalia Unit 548

By Robbie Rouch

Our Visalia Unit got the New Year off to a good start at the Visalia Country Club with a double-session charity event to benefit Visalia Family Services, hosted beautifully by Morgan Stanley. Warren and Suzi Cederborg were the victors once again, posting a 72.82% game in the second session. For the January reporting period we fielded 121 ½ tables over 14 sessions, with the 50 winning places shared by 26 players.
Topping the list with four wins were the Cederborgs, along with Pat Delamontanya. Triple winners included Donny Graham, Jacqui McGreal, Gerard Laquerriere, Pam Woods, and Paul Schommer. Doubling were Allyson Farrell, Bob Farrell, Robbie, Susan Spears, and Villa Vejvoda. Contributing to the list of winners were also Andi Sigmund, Belva Quattrin, Bob Durbrow, Carol Carr, Elaine Smith, Harlan Ellis, Janice Crossland, John Morrison, Keith Lindersmith, Lowell Gist, Marcie Buford, Michiko Taylor, and Ralph Alvarado.
The results are in for winners of the Mini-McKenney and Ace of Clubs races. We had double winners in every category but one. In the Life Master category, Mike Florio nosed out his wife, Mary, by less than two points, as the two finished 1st and 2nd for points earned in the unit. Pat Delamontanya took the Mini-McKenney award for the category.
The most prodigious winners in the other categories, starting from “Rookie” and ending with “Emerald Life Master” were Janie Boyle, Donnie Priest, Jeffrey Nevins, Joan Dinwiddie, John Butisbauch, Michiko Taylor, Elaine Smith, Pam Woods, Allyson Farrell, Robbie Rouch (though bested by seven players in lower categories), Suzi and Warren Cederborg.
Our prayers are with Ron Askeland and Pat Huston, and it’s not too soon to start planning your dates for the Lorna Cheng Memorial Sectional taking place on May 18-20. The committee is already working to make it a wonderful tribute, and will be looking to the renowned generosity of Visalia Unit members to host attendees in fine style.